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Comstock telegram to Halsted 1245pm 3

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Form 2191 C.S.TELEGRAM Time Filed-------------MSYMBOLPxDxNxXCLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Preferred Immediate delivery Day Night Delivery during day Delivery by next morningIndicate by X14-18zjxoLos Angelesz 1314pmAug 15-33 A S Halsted Las vegas tFollowing from Smith quote : Please advise me just what the BUVPIZ {duty} FOXJYL{US--MA}consists of . DEVNOD {Is he} to DYQNAP {render} us any BEVSZEB {assistance}. So far DATMUB {he} appears FIWGAK {to have} very BONQOW {confidential} BUSINESS with KEGLAD {Barr}. DATTAQ {He has made} no suggestion or even mentioned FUXLAT {what instructions}or BUVPIZ {duties} are or what DATTOF {he intends} DO outside of the EXPRESSION DIPSOB {made} BEXGON {at meeting}which you had with BYBTAD {employes}x FATFYX {Saturday}.Is it the BUVPIZ {duty} FOXJYL US Marshal} to BYDKTO {enforce} the DEPBIF {injunction}so far as DIDvW {keeping} FEWGUZ {Strikers} DOTWUC {off}PROPERTY is concerned . End Quote. KEPPYMS {Knight} actions in meeting FATFYX {Saturday} showed COHOLUSLively DAVGAF {he was} in DADBAH {full}fidnoz {sympathy with} fewgua {strikers}.Keglad {Barr} referred to is one of worst bejsad {agitators} bapbev {in} kuvfix {Caliente} I consented to with draw BESWIZ {armed} DAKZOZ {guards}KUVFIX {Caliente} yard only on theassurance of KEPPYM {Knight} in meeting he would see that dokziz {new} diwtig {men} were dybnyv {protected}. Will you please have BAJJEV {Ful}BAMWUB {mer}instruct him fully. Orig A SH Copy WHS C- 698WH Comstock1245pm



Comstock telegram to Halsted 1245pm 3
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