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Comstock telegram to Halsted 235pm 4

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Form 2191 C.S.TELEGRAM Time Filed-------------MSYMBOLPxDxNxXCLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Preferred Immediate delivery Day Night Delivery during day Delivery by next morningIndicate by X in proper line the class of sefvice required. Do not specify preferred service if other service will answerthe purpose.32-35 zjxo Los Angeles 2pmAug 15-23 A S Halsted Las vegas XXXXXXXThere appears very little interruption traffic at points through out country in general except on our line and Santa Fe . SP are now open . So far as I am able learn there is and has been no interruption traffic on any portion of UP System except La Vegas and San Bernardino train service is normal east of Salt Lake City Our line is now normal at San Bernardino and we are running freight trains both east and west on first District today . All train and enginemeh here accepting calls and performing regular duties . Santa Fe Ran California Limited Yesterday and are again moving that train today , Stating that these trains are going through without trouble. X-544W H Cornstook 235pm



Comstock telegram to Halsted 235pm 4
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