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Comstock telegram to Halsted 3pm 5

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Form 2191 C. S. „ TELEGRAM Time Filed. ------ M SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED . Indicate by X in proper line Px Preferred Immediate delivery the class of service required. Dx Day > Delivery during day Do not specify preferred ser-, vice if other service will answer Nx „ Night Delivery by next morning the purpose.41 zjxoLos Angeles 250pmAug 15-22A S Halsted Las VegasD-21. In addition to FUMDYV {supplies} referred to Maguires advice KOJFUS {2} MORE FROM LOKWOK {St George} this am with KOFTEL Pounds BUZGIT {each}. Will xxxxxx arrive LOLLUG {St Thomas} Early FOXPUQ {tomorrow}. All KOJAD {3}instructed FEPBEB {remain} LOLLUG {St. Thomas} until DUBDUG {met} BAMSEK {by} BALFET {escort} BAHMUN.X-549W H Comstock3pm



Comstock telegram to Halsted 3pm 5
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