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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Feb. 26, 1908, page 3

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENTTHOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PREST.LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURERA.A. BARRETT, SECY.R.J. SHOEMAKER, DIRECTORJ.R. HUBBARD, GEN'L. MGR.Baby Florence Mining CompanyP.O. Box 334 112 Hall St.Goldfield, Nevada- 2-0-2-believe I'm going to get busy pretty soon. There is no sickness here that I know off and has not been. Eveything is a little quiet and the stock market is darned quiet the last two days. Mohawk Ledge is 1 ¾¢ and 2¼¢ asked. Baby Florence at 61/2¢. I am pretty well fixed for another month yet and won't have to sell any stock either. You know I have 2000 Baby now. If she drops a little more I may buy some more. I believe the thing for me to do is stay here a while. I think I am jsut as well off here as any other place and things will pick up here faster than any other place when we once get straightened out. We don't have to pay any rent. I am sending you some pictures in this letter of the adobe and the house we are in now. Now I expect you think that adobe is a pretty rough looking kind of place. Well the most of them are but ours was finised up pretty nice on the outside. I would be glad to see Carl Stewart. If you send anything at all you might send a little more Jelly ^ Don't forget pop corn for we have cleaned that all up and just commenced to like it about the time it was gone. Don't try to send me any cloths for I can buy them as cheap here. Well I will quit now and maybe add a line after dinner.Well I have not had dinner yet but I came from the P.O. where I found your card and letter No.6 of the 22nd. Was sorry to hear of the Small Pox in Daleville and also of Lon McCormac's death. I did not know that he was in Daleville. I hope the desease is under control that that it willnot spread. Am afraid the kids will have to miss some more school. It is pretty tough luck for them this winter sure. I don't believe there will be much danger if you all stay in as close as possible ot I mean keep to yourselves as much as possible.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Feb. 26, 1908, page 3
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