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E.E. Calvin , August 18, 1922

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Form 2191 B C.S.UTELEGRAM SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Indicate by X in proper line the class of service required. Px Preferred Immediate delivery Dx Day Delivery during day Do not specify preferred service if other service will answer the purpose Nx Night Delivery by next morning Las Vegas, August 18, 1922E E CalvinSalt Lake CityReferring to Governor's telegram:He asked me for conference with Messrs. Williams, McNamee and myself. Governor said he had canvassed community and in addition to strikers he found a general feeling of bitterness against the Company, mainly due to various Company employes having boasted that shops would be removed as soon as possible, that a rumor was current that dismanteling had already commenced. He said that many trainmen owned their homes here and were distasteful of the Company's attitude. He believed a denial of any such plans having been officially decided upon, coupled with a cordial statement that the Union Pacific System was interested in building up Las Vegas and the whole State of Nevada, would have a very beneficial effect on the general situation here. I said I had never heard any official statement that it had been definitely decided that shops would be removed and suggested the matter be left until he could talk it over with you and give you all the facts, but he insisted he would have to send a telegram. There is no doubt in my mind that citizens have induced him to take this action and that probably the [Central] Pacific situation enters into it. However, if it is possible for you to answer the governor along



E.E. Calvin , August 18, 1922
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