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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, July 26, 1907

LINCOLN DAVIS & COMPANY BROKERS P.O. BOX 334, GOLDFIELD, NEV. MEMBERS: GOLDFIELD STOCK AND EXCHANGE BOARD CHICAGO MINING AND STOCK EXCHANGE July 26, 1907 Dear Mother:- Your letter No. 6 of the 21st arrived this morning. It has been pretty hot here during the day time but it is always cool at nights. Also received the papers today. I knew that man W illiams that did the shooting. It looks to me like a cold blooded affair. I must write to Mr. Leon. I would like to get to talk to him a while. I am going to get a portrait of John and send it to you and see if that looks any more like him. What do you think of my pictures. I will try and get one of Hurry and a better one of myself next Saunday. Will catch John the first time I get a chance. He is not quite to full of face as he used to be. He has not been sick though. Well I suppose you have heard through the papers of the trouble here. The miners were about to go out on another strike but every thing is alright now and we don't look for any trouble. It looked like there was going to be a hot time for a while. The mine owners decided that if the miners went on strike they would call in the U.S. Troops and drive every union man from Camp.Taylor and Mulcoy didn't bring any samples in from my claim and I have not been able to get any assays but a fellow I know is going out that way soon and I am going to have him bring me in some samples. The boys told me it looked like it would open up again with a little work on it. The stock market is on the bum but now that the trouble is settled I look for it to come up again. I will try to ship a Joshua tree in my trunk when I come home if I can get a small one. They are pretty hard to handle. Say it would be a cinch for Christian Science to cure your nervous spells. That Christian Science is all imagination work but it does the work. Would like to see you and daddy take a camping trip. I think it would do you both a world of good. It would not cost you much either. It would not do you a bit of good to go to a resort. It might be a good thing for you to go to Martinsville and boil yourself. You ask Doc and if he says it would do you good, why you go and I will stand expenses. Now don't you hesitate a minute if he says it will do you good. That might help to cure your hands. If Daddy can get away you both go. Now I mean it. I would like to see you and Daddy go down there for a while. I think you could both go down and stay a week for $75.00.That Kodak has cost me about $55.00 to date. I am getting my moneys worth though. We are all O.K. and hope this finds you all in pretty fair shape. Good bye for this time. Earle
C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, July 26, 1907
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