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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother August 21, 1907

LINCOLN DAVIS & COMPANY BROKERS P.O. BOX 334, GOLDFIELD, NEV. MEMBERS: GOLDFIELD STOCK AND EXCHANGE BOARD CHICAGO MINING AND STOCK EXCHANGE Aug. 21, 1907 Dear Mother: Just received your letter No. 2 of the 14 yesterday. Was busy last night and did not get a chance to answer it then. John came in yesterday and I went to lodge with him last night and then after lodge we came to the office and talked until late. Tell you Mammy he looks like a kid. He had begun to look old to me but I tell you he looks like a spring chicken now. He seems to be pretty proud of the Madam too.You can bet on that. Well I am proud of both of them now and I think you all feel the same way at that end of the line. I have always felt that Myrta was the woman for John. You can have no idea of well the deal suited me. About Terassy, I hope she is well by this time. Am sorry that At was disappointed in his deal with Frye. You fellows seem to be having trouble equal to Goldfield when it comes to strikes. There is a plumbers strike on now. They are striking for $9.00 for 8 hours. Some of the miners are out on strike too. I think everything will be sailing smoothly though before long. It looks as thoughthe Rochester was in line to be a mine. They have made a strike on a property adjoining the Rochester and near the side line. I got At and May's letter and after studying At's letter over several times I could read it very well. I was glad to hear from the kid even if he don't beat me much when it comes to plain writing. He has more time to write than I do. I would like the best in the world to help them get the Ellison property but I can't do much just now. I think Daddy ought to put all he can onto that note in place of helping At and I think At feels the same way about it. I know the note worries you and daddy a great deal. I have got an option on 10,000 shares of Rochester that I am going to try and take care of. It is going to take every cent I can borrow, beg, and steal to make the deal. Now I can promise you that I am not going to borrow any more money to buy stock. You may know that I am worth it or I would not have been able to borrow the money I have. Say have you fellows seen the Comet in the North-eastern sky. I think it is supposed to be visible there about three o'clock in the morning. I have got up two different nights but have not been able to see it. Well I will write Terassy a line and quit for this time. Hope you are all feeling better. We are all well here. Good Bye, Earle
C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother August 21, 1907
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