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Diamond Valley Gold Mining Company Report, January 14, 1915

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-THE DIAMOND VALLEY GOLD MINING COMPANY.-Property.The property of the company consists of two patented claims, the Black Diamond and the Valley View lodes,U.S. Mineral Survey No.2265,containing 32.313 acres,situated about one half mile north of the Goldfield Consolodated Mines Co' as shown on the plan map of properties herewith.Workings. The workings on the property consist of various small cuts,shafts,and tunnels;and the Black Diamond shaft on the easterly end of that claim,4x8 ft.,95 ft.deep.Veins.There is exposed on the easterly end of the Black Diamond claim,a conspicuous quartz cropping forming a small peak just south of the Black Diamond shaft.Numerous small trenches have been sunk on this ledge which show it to be of considerablemagnitude,but the workings are insuffucient to determine the details of its character.The crosscut from the shaft was runfor the purpose of developing this vein but did not progress far enough to accomplish this. The vein, however ,is exposedon the Hardtack property adjoining on the east,for a consid-erable distance,and numerous small shafts sunk upon it show itto be quite regular and persistent,some 6 or 8 width and having a dip to the south of about 60. From the appearance of the outcrop it is probable that it is considerably wider near the Black Diamond shaft. Upon the Valley View claim just west of the shaft are the croppings of a vein having a northerly and southerly strike. Somesmall pits open this vein at the surface,and just to the north on the Gold Queen Co' several small shaftshave been sunk upon it. As exposed in these workings the vein is some 15 to 20 width and shows a slight dipto the east. Only nominal values have been obtained from the surface of these veins,but in this vicinity fair panningshave been obtained althought the exact point of the origin of these values has not been ascertained.Geological Conditions.The geological structure of the Goldfield District is,in general,simple. It consists of an original irregular and unevenfloor of granite and shale upon which rest successive flows and intrusions of volcanic rocks. Subsequent to the eruption of these rocks the country has been much broken and fissured by movement. Certain of these fissures,termed faults,result in a differential movement of the country on aopposite sides of the fissure,and are extensive breaks which extend throughthe eruptive formations and the original floor to great depth into the earth into the regions whence the ore depositshave originated.It is a well accepted conclusion of geologists that deposits of ore were brought to their present position by means of thermal waters cont-aining certain chemical constituents capable of holding the metals in solution. Such waters uprisingfrom great depth through fissures have deposited these metals together with other minerals in certain favorable places along their paths within limited distances from the surface. The cause of such deposition is not definitely known,thoughmany causes which could effect such precipitation are evident,such as relief from heat or pressure or contact withdescending surface waters,etc. The prime essentials for ore deposits are;fissures extending into regions whence the minerals have originated;rising circulation of waters carrying the same;and favorable places and conditions for their deposit. In Goldfield the various fault fissures have furnished the connection between the region of origin and the surfacefor the different systems of deposit.



Diamond Valley Gold Mining Company Report, January 14, 1915
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