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(3) To construct, maintain and operate, or to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, tramways, tracks, andrailroads, and all rights-of-way, privileges, franchises, machines, machinery and improvements necessaryor convenient for th operation of the same, (not to be used as a common carrie); and also to construct, maintainand operate, or to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, power works for the creation and transmission ofpower by electricity, steam, condensed air, cable, or any other known or discovered methods; and also all necessarybuildings, machines, machinery, appliances, contrivances for the operation of this company and in carrying ourthe objects and purposes for which it is formed.(4) To pay cash, or exchange property, or issue shares of stock for any real, personal or mixed property, privilegesor franchises of any kind or character whatsoever, purchased or acquired by the company; or for services rendered, or forother good and valuable considerations; and to borrow money for the necessary and proper uses and purposes of the company; and to issue bonds, notes, or other evidence of indebtedness of this company therefore; and to secure any such indebtedness by mortgage, deed of trust, or otherwise, upon any of the real or personal property, privileges or franchises of this company, or any part thereof.(5) To carry on generally the business of buying and selling, operating and dealing in real or personal property incidentto, or necessary for or desirable for the business if the company; and to grant, sell, convey, demise, let, exchange, orotherwise transfer or dispose of any part or all of the mines, mining claims,mining properties, mills, smelters, reduction works, sampling works, machinery, plants, or other real estate or personal property of any kind or characterwhatsoever which may be owned by this comapny, from time to time and upon such terms as may be, by the Directors, deemedfor the best interests of the company; and to take and receive in payment for same, or any part thereof, either cashor its equivalent, or the mines, real estate or personal prop-erty, or the bonds or capitol stock of any other personcompany or companies, which may contribute in any manner to the business of this company, and the objects and purposesfor which it is formed, as the Board of Directors may determine for the best interests of the Company.(6) To creat or cause to be created, if deemed for the best interests of this company, other corporations which may besubsidiary or tributary to this company; and to purchase, hold and own stock, to any amount, in any other company thatis or may be subsidiary or tributary to this company and that does contribute to the objects and purposes for which this company is formed; and generally, to contract and deal with any such corporation or corporations, respecting any of the property, property-rights, privileges or franchises of either this company or of any other saidcompanies, and to handle, operate and control any of the properties or franchises of any such subsidiary companies,in any lawful manner, or to allow any of such companies to control, operate or handle any of the properties, rights, privilegesor franchises of this company.




Goldfield Belmont Extension Minutes page 3
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