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MINUTES OP THE FIRST MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS OFGOLDFIELD BELMONT EXTENSION MINING COMPANY.At 2;00 P. M. on the 15th day of January, 1912, atthe office of the Company in Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nev-ada, there being present the holders and owners of the entire issued capital stock of the Goldfield Belmont Extension Mining Company, by consent, was held a Special Meeting of the Stock-holders of said Company. F. M. Chambers, President of the Corn-pany took the chair.The names of those present at the meeting and the amount of stock held and owned by each as appeared on the books of the corporation, were as follows:R. F. Brown, 1,498,600 SharesF. M. Chambers, 600 "E. A. Byler, 600 "I. J. Woodworth 100 "J. R. Woodbridge, 100 "All of the parties present then and there signed a Waiver of Notice of the holding of this meeting, and a consent to the transacton of such business as might come before it, a copy of which Waiver of Notice was order spread upon the minutes and the original of which was ordered filed among the records of the corporation, said Waiver of Notice reading as follows:"We,the undersigned, being all of the stockholders of the Goldfield Belmont Extension Mining Company and owning among us, all of the issued capital stock of the said Company, as appears from the books of said Company, hereby express our intention and purpose to meet at this time and place, 2:00 o'clock P. M. on the 15th day of January, 1912, at the office of the Company in the Registration Building, Goldfield, Nevada, and each of us hereby waives each and every, his rights to be notified in person, or by publication or in any manner, of the holding of the said meeting, and consents to the transactions of any and all business that may come before said meet-ing.""Dated at Goldfield, Nevada, SIGNED- R. F. Brown, January 15th, 1912". F. M. Chambers,E.A. Byler, I. J. Woodworth, J. R. Woodbridge,Mr. E. A. Byler then addressed the chair and called att-ention to the fact that the Company had no Code of By-laws, and there upon offered for consideration of the stockholders, a Code of By-laws, prepared by himself. After the reading of the By-laws and the discussion of same, it was, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,RESOLVED: that the By-laws as offered by Mr. Byler, be ac-cepted as the By-laws for the government of this corporation, and the copy of the same be spread upon the minutes of this meeting, and that the orignial be engrossed in the Book of By-laws, of this corporation.




Stockholders Meeting page 22
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