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BY-LAWS OF THE GOLDFIELD BELMONT EXTENSION MINING COMPANYARTICLE - I -N A M EThe name of this corporation shall be GOLDFIELD BELMONT EXTENSION MINING COMPANY.ARTICLE - II -0 F F I C E SThe principal office of this Company shall be in the State of Nevada, and in the State of Nevada that office shall be at the town of Goldf ield, Esmeralda County, ,----------------------------The Company may also maintain other offices within or without the State of Nevada, for such purposes are provided by the Articles of Incorporation.ARTICLE - III - O F F I C E R S The executive officers of the Company shall be a Pres-ident, Vice President and Secretary, all of whom shall be elected by the Board of Directors.There may be elected a Treasurer, or the Board of Direct-ors may designate some Banking institution or Trust Company as a depositary for the funds of this Company, and Treasurer for the same.The Board of Directors shall appoint by consent, of at lease a majority thereof, a General Manager, whose duty it shall be to have general control of the actual business of developing the min-eral lands and operating the mines and building and operating the sampling and ore reduction works and all other business of the Company and the said General Manager will hold office during the term of offic of the Board of Directors which appointed him, but maybe removed by a vote of the majority of the Board at any time.All officers shall hold their respective offices until their successors are elected or appointed, and shall have accepted and shall be subject to removal, at pleasure by the authority electing or appoint-ing them.PRESIDENT: It shall be the duty of the president to pre-side at all meetings of the stockholders and Board of Directors and to give advise and directions concerning the business and policy of the Company, when the Board is not in session. He may call meetings of the Board of Directors at his discretion or whenever so requested by a majority of the Board. He shall also have general supervision of the affairs of the Company, subject to the advise and direction of the Board of Directors.VICE PRESIDENT: In case of the absence or inability of the president to preform any of the duties of his office, or when ever the convenient or expeditious transection of business requires, the Vice President may preform such other duties as mayve assigned to him by the Board of Directors.




Bylaws Goldfield Belmont Extension page 23
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