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complete list, in alphabetical order, of all the stockholders entitled to vote at such meeting, and indicating the number of shares held by each, certified by the Transfer Agent or the Secretary, shall be furnished. Only the persons in whose names shares of stock stand on the stock books of the Company at the time of the closing of the same for submitting, as evidenced by the list of the stockholders of furnished, shall be entitled to vote in person or by proxy on the share so standing in their names, unless otherwise provided by law. PROVIDED, that any owner of stock who may be entitled under the law to vote thereon, and who shall make proof of such fact satisfactory to the meeting, shall obtain from him a certificate of ownership, which, when presented, shall entitle such owner to vote.Prior to any meeting, but subsequent to the time of closing the transfer books for such meeting, any proxy may submit his powers of attorney to the Secretary for examination. The certificate of the number of shares represented by the holder of such powers of attorney for the purpose of establishing the presence of a quorum, at such meeting, and of organizing the same, and for all other purposes.At each meeting of the stockholders, the proxies and bal-lots shall be received and taken in charge by the Secretary, and all questions touching the qualifications of voters, the validity of proxies, and the acceptance or rejection of votes, shall be decided by three inspectors. Such inspectors shall he appointed by the Board of Directors before the meeting, or if no such appointment shall be made, then by the presiding officer at the meeting. If, for any reason, any of the inspectors previously appointed shall fail to attend, or refuse, or be unable to serve, Inspectors in place of any so failing to attend, or refusing or unable to attend, shall be appointed in like manner,. ARTICLE - VI -- - - C A P I T A L STOCK- - - STOCK CERTIFICATES: All stock certificates shall be signed by the President or Vice president, attested by the signature of the Secretary, and the corporate seal, and counter-signed by the Registrar of the Company's stock. Blank certificates signed by the proper officers, may be left with the Registrar to be filled in and countersigned by him as needed in the proper issuance of new stock when authorized by the Board of Directors, and in ex-change for outstanding stock when presented for transfer. REGISTRAR AND TRANSFER AGENT; The president with the approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint a Registrar in the town of Goldfield, State of Nevada, and such other towns or cities as nay be selected, to register the stock of the Company, in ac-cordance with the provisions of any stock exchange that may deal in the stock of this Company.TRANSFER OF STOCKS: Stock, shall be transferable in per-son or by attorney in fact, by the surrender of the certificate to the Secretary or Registrar for cancellation and the issuance of a new certificate therefor, duly signed by the proper officers of the Company with the corporate seal affixed and countersigned by the Registrar, and no transfer, sale assignment, or pledge of stock,shall be valid or binding as against the Company otherwise than as aforsaid, or as provided by law, PROVIDED, that in case of loss or destruction of a stock certificate, the lawful owner thereof, on proof of such fact and the execution of a bond of indemnity to the satisfaction of the President and Secretary, may have issued to him, a duplicate thereof.




Bylaws Goldfield Belmont Extension page 26
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