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properly endorsed to the Goldfield Belmont Extension Mining Com-pany. In order to enable the Board of Directors to make such an offer to the stockholders of the Goldfield Midnight Pawnee Mining Company, Mr. Brown proposed to the Board, that if they would place Four Hundred and ninety Five Thousand (495,000) shares of the treasury stock in the hands of a trustee to be exchanged as out-lined above, he would place Pour Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand (495,000) shares in the same trustee's hands, PROVIDED, the trustee was instructed by the Board of Directors of this corporation, to make transfers from Mr. Brown's stock and for his account, until all of the Four Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand (495,000) shares placed by him in the trustee's hands shall have been issued. Mr. Brown was willing that the Board of Directors should appoint the trustee and make as favorable an arrangement with such trustee to handle the business, as possible, his being agreeable to paying the porportion of expenses of such service in the ratio which the amount of his stock transferred,bears to the whole amount of stock transferred. This offer to be limited to a date not later than July 1st, 1912, and to be closed at an earlier date as in the judgment of the Board of Directors seemed to the best interests of the Company.After a full and free discussion of Mr. Brown's proposal,and upon the representation of the president that to his best knowledge and belief, there were issued and outstanding, 1,215,225 shares of the capital stock of the Goldfield Midnight-Pawnee Mining Company and that upon information and belief, at least 225,500 of these shares would be donated to the Company and not offered for transfer, it was, upon the motion duly made, seconded and carried.RESOLVED: that the offer of Mr. Brown be, and the same is, hereby accepted, andBE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the President and Secretary be, and they are hereby authorized and directed to make the most favorable arrangement possible with a reliable person or firm to act as trustee with full power to exchange the stock of Mr. Brown and that of the Company treasury, at the rate of One (1) share of Gold-field Midnight pawnee Mining Company stock, at One (1) cent, for One (l) share of the stock of the Goldfield Belmont Extension Mining Company atuch. The said offer to be open to the above stockholders for a period of sixty days from and after January 30, 1912.IThere being no other or further business to come before the meeting, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting ad-journed to the call of the chair.




Adjourned Meeting Goldfield Belmont Extension page 30
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