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A Lady in Boomtown: Miners and Manners on the Nevada Frontier - Page 38

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point, at direct right angles to both shafts and at the same level. This was my first acquaintance with the precision of surveyors’ computations. The mining engineer was Fred Siebert, who married Tasker’s youngest sister, Anna. “ We wouldn’t let the men smooth off the face of that wall,” Tasker said. “ We told them to cut it square so that all the young bucks going to mining school who come up here on vacation can see what a veteran can do.” I’m sure Fred Siebert looked at this graphic proof of his skill with pardonable pride. Hugh told me Tasker had met Fred Siebert, as he had met Walter Gayhart, on the Phelps- Stokes assignment. When the strike was made at Tonopah, he sent for Fred to help him develop the Mizpah. Anna and Fred Siebert fell in love when Tasker’s mother and sisters came west to visit him.



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A Lady in Boomtown: Miners and Manners on the Nevada Frontier - Page 38
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