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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, March 12, 1908

M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT R.J. SHOEMAKER, SECRETARY THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PRESIDENT LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER MOHAWK LEDGE MINING COMPANY GOLDFIELD, NEVADA Mar. 12, 1908 Dear Mother:- I received your No. 11 of the 6th yesterday telling me of Aunt Jane Stewart's death. We were expecting to hear of it any time. I was over to John's Sunday and he spoke of her. I quit work on the Baby Florence last night. The top work was pretty well cleaned up and from now on the top man will have to work part of the time below and I told the Supt. I didn't want any of it in mine. He advised me not to tackle it. You see they are sinking the shaft another 100 foot deeper and the work would all be in the bottom of a shalft that is now 300 foot deept. I worked out there five different days or five shifts of eight hours each. I didn't expect to get pay only for the last two days as I went out to learn something about it. I was more trouble than I was worth the first day or two but the the Supt. gave me time for every shift. $4.00 a shift. So you see there is $20.00 and that will run me another month or more. As soon as the shaft is down they will keep a top man on steady and if I don't get an office job before then I guess I will be in line for the place again. I have a couple of jobs in sight but don't know yet whether there will be anything to them or not. I stopped in a John's this moninng and found Myrta very sick with the Grippe. She had been on the bum since Sunday. John was working today packing up some furniture for a firm that was going to Rawhide. Myrta was able to be up and around but she was feeling pretty bad I know. All the rest of us are feeling fine. I think if I would work out there for a month or two I would gain 25 pounds. I know I have gained strrength just in the five days I worked out there. It made me pretty sore though for a couple of days. Well I will have to answer Terassy's note. I thought sure I would get a letter this afternoon but nothing came. Hope you are all well. Earle
C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, March 12, 1908
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