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[photo caption:] "Panoramic view of property of Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada with main three-compartment vertical working shaft and dump in foreground."early learned that vibrations causing sound were transmitted through the air. He stepped beyond the then known sphere and, by search, scientific study, and hard work, reproduced vibrations and thus created the same sound. His crude "talking machine," one of his first inventions, was the result. The present day talking motion picture is a direct descendant of that invention.Attempted Seemingly Impossible.IN THE field of farming, the oldest known division of human endeavor, Luther Burbank, now deceased, is the world's most outstanding figure merely because he had the "guts" to dare attempt the seemingly impossible. He took liberties with Nature and advanced agriculture, as well as horticulture, farther in his comparatively short span of life than it had been in all previous time. In all other departments of life and industry, there have been mental argonauts. In consequence, the sum total of knowledge has been increased bit by bit. And so will it continue to increase.When a farmer sows seed, he immediately begins to worry as to whether there will be sufficient rainfall and other favorable weather conditions to cause it to germinate and bring forth a prolific and profitable crop. Although possessed of all the knowledge in reference to agriculture possible of attainment, his concern is only natural since he is dealing with an unknown and unfathomable element. The prospector or miner is in much the same boat. No sooner does he make a discovery of a lode or vein than he begins worrying as to whether it will "go down" and prove of deep-seated origin. In the case of mining, only development work will prove the permanency of a lode. It requires "guts", backed up with knowledge of geology and capital, to develop a mining property. Truly, mining is not a business for faint hearts or timid souls. In mining more than any other industry are courage, grit, and determination required to win. However, when "guts," knowledge of geology, and capital are combined it is not particularly difficult.



Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 2
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