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Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 3

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[photo caption:] "View of surface buildings and 70-foot gallows frame on main working shaft of Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada."Mental Argonauts in Mining.HAD mental argonauts in mining not been willing to step beyond the sphere of their school training and past actual experience that industry would not occupy the preeminent position it enjoys today; in fact, there would have been no human progress, since it is an indisputable and accepted fact that all industries follow in the wake of mining discoveries. The lure of gold has been responsible for the migrations of the human race. But for mining mental argonauts America would never have been discovered, the Great West would still be populated by Indians with its latent treasures undisturbed; Alaska would still be a frozen unknown waste.The great mines and mining districts of the West, as well as others in this and all other countries, were not discovered by timid souls. It took men with "guts," willing to face death and hardship with a smile--willing to gamble with life and take a chance--to do the trick. And, by the same token, it required equal "guts" to develop the discoveries.Continuous in Depth.IN 1865, at which time the Comstock Lode was developed only to a maximum depth of 700 feet by only one shaft and an average of 500 feet by the other shafts, Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen, noted German mining engineer and geologist, displayed exceptional "guts" in declaring that "as has been shown that the vein was filled from a deep-seated source, it is certain that it is continuous in depth." His report was made in connection with the then projected Sutro Tunnel, which was later approved by Congress, financed by Adolph Sutro despite powerful opposition by rival interests for selfish purposes, and extended approxi-



Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 3
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