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[photo caption:] "Miners ready to descend Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada main working shaft."mately four miles into Mount Davidson at a cost of around $5,000,000. The tunnel penetrated the various mines along its courseat an average vertical depth of 1750 feet. Following its completion, the lode was profitably developed to a vertical depth of 2,950 or 1,200 feet below the tunnel level, which was equivalent to six times the average depth of the mines at the time Baron von Richthofen made his report. Thus his declaration that the Comstock Lode was of "deepseated source" was eminently substantiated. As a matter of fact, the Lode continues deeper than the 2,950-foot horizon, but it could not be followed farther into thebowels of the earth, due to the tapping of hot water springs of suchintense heat that further development was impracticable. To date theComstock Lode has produced approximately $400,000,000 in gold andsilver. Baron von Richthofen's Daring.WHILE Baron von Richthofen's declaration in 1865 as to the permanency of the Comstock Lode, when only superficially developed was unusually daring, in a certain sense, he personally attached no significance to it, since his previous world-wide experience and study of geologic formations permitted him to easily correlate conditions present on the Comstock, and they, figuratively speaking, became an open book to his mental vision. Accordingly, he had no hesitancy in stating his belief, which was more than borne out by subsequent developments and the prodigious production of gold and silver.



Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 4
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