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Similar gratifying results have attended deep mining operations in many other districts in the United States and other countries, after the penetration of faulted zones and lean or barren areas. Less than 100 miles distant, on air lines, the Idaho-Maryland, at Nevada City, California, is yielding excellent ore at a vertical depth of 2,000 feet, as are also the Kennedy and Argonaut mines, at Jackson, California, from vertical depths of 4,960 and 4,672 feet, respectively. In the Bendigo Goldfields of Australia, the New Chum Railway Mine and the Victoria Mine are producing from depths of more than 4,200 feet. Twelve mines in the same area are producing from depths of 2,000 feet or more. At Villa Nova de Lima, in the State of Minas Geraes, Brazil, the Mono Velho Mine of the St. John del Bey Mining Company, Ltd., is outputting profitable gold-silver ore from a depth of more than 7,300 feet. This is the deepest and, in some respects, one of the most remarkable mines in the world. The company owning and operating it is the oldest registered English mining corporation, having been organized in 1830. To overcome heat in the lower levels of the mine the company installed some years ago and has since successfully operated a system of refrigerated air. On the Rand of South Africa, the Village Deep and City Deep mines have gained depths of more than 7,000 feet. Numerous mines in the United States, Mexico, South America, Canada, in fact, in all parts of the world have been developed and are being profitably operated at depths of 2,000 and 3,000 feet, and more, according to reports.The Goldfield District.THE Goldfield District of Nevada, in the center of which the vast holdings of the Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada are situated, has produced to date more than ONE HUNDRED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in gold. The lode or vein from which this great treasure has been wrested has a width varying from 70 to several hundred feet, courses in a general north-south direction and dips to the east on an average of 30 degrees. Development work to a depth of 1,400 feet has demonstrated beyond question that this immense lode is incased in walls of Tertiary rocks or formations similar to those of the Comstock Lode, on which Baron von Richthofen based his declaration as to the deep-seated origin thereof, and which subsequent explorations proved eminently correct.In determining upon its project of exploring the Goldfield Lode at depth, the management of the Goldfield Deep Mines Company, headed by A.I. D'Arcy, president and general manager, a graduate of the Missouri School of Mines, Class of 1903, evidenced no particular wisdom or daring. A logical line of reasoning, supported by complete mining knowledge and geologic observations, was merely followed. During his summer college vacations Mr. D'Arcy obtained employment from the Guggenheim Exploration Company, under A. Chester Beatty, today recognized as one of mining's foremost authorities, then assistant to John Hays Hammond, at that time chief engineer. Following graduation, Mr. D'Arcy obtained a permanent position with the Guggenheim Exploration Company as a field engineer and, as Goldfield was just then coming into prominence, he was sent to Nevada to collaborate with Tasker L. Oddie, then Nevada representative of that company, now United States Senator from Nevada. Mr. D'Arcy arrived in Goldfield



Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 5
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