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January 27, 1904. He continued in the employ of the Guggenheim interests for about a year thereafter, resigning to work as a free lance mining engineer. In 1910 he became a member of the mining engineering staff of George Wingfield, multimillionaire Nevada mine operator and banker, and continued in that capacity for ten years.Continuity Proved. ALMOST without interruption from 1904 to the present time, Mr. D'Arcy has been actively identified with the Goldfield District, giving him an opportunity to make a close, intimate study of its mines. By correlating local geologic conditions, he conceived the theory that development work to the east of the world-famed Mohawk, Florence, Combination, and other mines of the camp should reveal the Goldfield Lode, on its dip, at depth. Accordingly, the Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada came into being with holdings of approximately 1,000 acres of patented mineral land in one compact group in the heart of the District. A three-compartment vertical shaft, electrically equipped with the most modern mining machinery and appliances, was sunk to a depth of 2,150 feet. At that point diamond drilling operations were inaugurated. At the 2,750-foot horizon, the diamond drill had penetrated the downward continuity of the Goldfield Lode, for a distance of more than 100 feet, without exposing the second wall. This was, indeed, a gratifying development, proving, as it did, the correctness of the theory of the management beyond the peradventure of doubt. The big shaft, following the diamond drill hole, has since been continued to the 2,335-foot point. In other words, shaft sinking operations have been about 85 per cent completed. Only 415 feet or about 15 per cent of the shaft work remains to be done to make it a 100 per cent job.To carry this work to completion, the Company has a mechanical equipment representing an outlay of approximately $175,000. In addition, the Company not only owns outright its vast estate in the heart of the Goldfield District, but has not one cent of indebtedness, except current monthly obligations, which are promptly met. The Company proposes to complete its shaft to the 2,750-foot point and there develop the proved continuation of the great Goldfield Lode in the firm conviction that by so doing its past prodigious yield will be increased and its shareholders handsomely rewarded.Mighty Good Speculation.BY AN arrangement recently perfected, the undersigned offers the public the privilege of becoming identified with the Goldfield Deep Mines Company project by purchase of its stock at 20 cents a share. Bear in mind that these shares are not to be considered a "sure-thing" investment. The big metropolitan stock and bond markets have in the last year or two shown that "there ain't no such animal." The undersigned maintains, however, that Goldfield Deep Mines stock does constitute a mighty good speculation or gamble at 20 cents a share, if you possess the "guts" to take a chance to share in the benefits that should attend the development of the great Goldfield Lode at depth.Address all communications and orders for stock to:RAY D. HARRISMINES AND MINING SECURITIES, GOLDFIELD, NEVADAREFERENCE:JOHN S. COOK & CO. BANKERS,GOLDFIELD, NEVADA



Goldfield Deep Mines Company of Nevada Pamphlet, page 6
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