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Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 2

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OFFICERS: President--N. H. Truett, owner of the famous Truett Lease on the Mohawk. Secretary--A. G. Raycroft, Treasurer of the Nye and Ormsby County Bank of Goldfield. Assistant Secretary--Fred A. Hussman, well-known Nevada mining man; one who has never yet recorded a failure in this field. Engineer--D. Barnes, the famous Cripple Creek operator. CAPITALIZATION. The Jumbo Fraction Mining Company is capitalized for 1,000,000 shares, par value $1.00, fully paid and non-assessable. Treasury Stock, 400,000 shares. THE PROPERTY. When the Jumbo Fraction Mining Company secured the famous Gold Star Fraction No. 2, it eclipsed all previous Goldfield records for the transaction of a big, quick mining deal on a cash basis. Situated in the heart of the rich sulphide belt, it is considered by local mining men to be a veritable bonanza, from which shipments of high-grade ore may be made within the next ninety days. As a dividend-payer the general impression prevails that it will rank far in the lead of many corporations which have a larger acreage.



Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 2
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