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It is hedged in by big producers, and the mining engineers whom the organizers of the company sent to inspect the property readily saw from the trend of the adjoining veins that they passed through the fractional ground. By permission they descended several of the shafts where the miners were sloping high-grade ore near the boundaries, and were astounded to see that the ledges were being worked close to the side lines. Later, they descended several shallow shafts on the Gold Star, which had been dug by the original owners. They found practically the same veins, with the exception that the ore was of an oxidized character instead of sulphides like those adjoining. This was attributed to the fact that the others were being worked at a greater depth, and were well in what is termed the "sulphide zone." However, they took several samples, and were amazed to find that the lowest test averaged $50 to the ton. They immediately signified their approval of the purchase to those who were advancing the funds. Scarcely twenty-four hours passed before the papers were drawn, signed and the money paid over to the owners. Orders were then sent for a large hoist, and a contract given for the erection of a gallows frame. Men were put to work enlarging the shaft to allow of a double compartment, and others began laying the foundation for the hoist. The company states that it intends sinking 300 feet, and that stations



Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 3
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