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Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 4

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will be cut on various levels for the stoping of ore so that immediate shipments may be made. NEIGHBORHOOD. The Fraction is adjoined on the west by the famous Red Hills mine. On the east it is bounded by the property of the Combination Mines Company. To the north is situated the big shipping C.O.D. claims, and on the south is the famous Milltown group, where George Wingfield is mining to a great depth--only 100 feet from the Goldfield Gold Bar, which is a $2.00 stock. Hemmed in on all sides by big shippers, the property is looked upon as a proven bonanza. The company refuses to sell any treasury stock after the first shipment is made. We advise immediate purchase of the first allotment of stock, which is now being offered at 10 cents per share. It is a good buy. We know the management to be conservative, and believe the stock will soon rank among the dividend-payers. LISTING. Immediately after the close of the sale of Treasury shares this security will be listed on the important exchanges of the country. FUTURE PROSPECT. We do not believe that the map of Goldfield shows a safer investment if held for future developments and dividends, or



Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 4
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