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a better buy for a quick turn. We are personally acquainted with the gentlemen connected with the enterprise and know them to be men representative of every quality which goes to insure success, and we guarantee to our clients fair and equitable treatment. This security is bound to be an extraordinarily popular trader, and seems certain that those who get in on the ground floor may rely on a 100 per cent advance as a minimum profit. When we take into consideration that a little more than a year ago one of its neighbors, the great Mohawk, could have been purchased on the Goldfield Curb at 10 cents per share, and is now worth $15, and that the strongest market in Nevada mining stocks is immediately in the future, we cannot too strongly urge you to take on as large a block of this stock as you can carry. STOCK OFFERING. In order to meet the expense of the installation of a large plant of machinery, and to provide funds for aggressive development work, which is already well under way, a portion of the Treasury stock is offered for public subscription at 10 cents per share. It is a gift at this price, and to those who wish to become sharers of this remarkable investment opportunity we unhesitatingly and unqualifiedly advise immediate reservations, forwarding your buying orders to A.C. McFarlane, Oakland, Cal.



Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 5
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