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Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 6

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All Records Broken. These arc golden days in Nevada, and people in every walk of life, the wage-earner, the artisan, the professional man and the capitalist are alike profiting by the golden stream of wealth which is pouring, forth from its desert fastnesses. The eyes of the whole United States are turned toward the world's richest Eldorado. The history of the discovery of gold in Nevada dates back six years, but let us impress upon you right here that the next six months will see greater developments than the past six years. For hundreds of square miles this desert does not show enough vegetation to support the most hardy animal life, yet railroads are weaving their network of steel across this barren land as fast as brains and unlimited means can devise. Why? It is because the camps are almost every one making good. The days of speculation will soon be over, and Nevada will shortly settle down to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, gold-producing area in the history of the world. The surest way for you to share in this prosperity is to become a share-holder in JUMBO FRACTION. It is not impossible that an investment of cents will return you the same number of dollars. A.C. McFARLANE Broker 777 Bacon Block Oakland, Cal.



Jumbo Fraction Mining Company prospectus, page 6
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