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Wren Mine assay records

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Assay record of Wren Mine ore shoots, taken from maps made in August or September 1910, at the time John T and I "shut her down." These were made from the then current records for our information when we returned to open the mine, and work it again.The ore shoot we blasted into with the old powder. We sunk a 40 foot shaft and ran a tunnel. The ore we took out assayed:Copper 25.6 % per ton Gold 0.36 oz per tonThis ore was shipped to a smelter. All of the ore was not mined because to do so would make it very expensive to work through the tunnel.At about 70 feet into the tunnel we ran into another good bunch of ore, not quite as good as the first body, the assays on the map show the following: (three assays given, only ones on the map or this ore shoot.)Copper 11.5% 3.0% 3.7%Gold 0.08 oz 0.17 oz 0.17 ozSilver 0.05 oz 5.0 oz 7.0 ozAt 100 feet there was another ore shoot, of which six assays shown on the map:Copper 15.0% 14.3 % 9.1 % 17.% 21.4% 13.2%Gold 2.6 oz 0.2 oz 2.04oz 0.64 oz 1.0 oz 0.22 oz Silver 3.0 oz 9.2 oz 2.0 oz 6.0 oz 3.0 oz 5.4 ozMost of that ore was mined out although there is some left in the roof and in the floor. How deep it would go is a question.On the surface about 200 feet, on the outcrop, from the mouth of the tunnel, is a fine outcrop that John T and I opened up and sunk on for about 6 feet. The assay map shows that the outcrop runs:Copper 13.3% Gold 0.22 oz Silver 0.98There are other outcrops. In fact John T and I hardly touched the ore bodies. The tunnel would also tap other ore shoots ahead of the tunnel face, but of these the map shows no assays. However the ore appears about the same.ON THE DUMP are probably 10 tens that John T and I rejected as too low to ship at that time (1910) I sent a large sample to the A. S. R. Co.and the following is the assay.Copper 8.15 % Gold 0.33 oz Silver 1.0 oz.



Wren Mine assay records
Assay record of Wren Mine ore shoots, taken from maps made in August or September 1910
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