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Map of the Rawhide Mining District

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COMPLIMENTS OF THE GOLDFIELD REVIEW, NEVADA'S LEADING MINING PAPER. PROVEN ZONE, RAWHIDE MINING DISTRICT, NEVADA. Compiled by Engraving Department of the Goldfield Review. Olmstead and Rich, Mining Engineers, Goldfield, Nevada. Numbers and black lines show locations of the principal mines, prospects and leases of Rawhide. No. 1. Rawhide Mining Co. Owns Last Chance mine of 20 acres. Five ledges traverse property. Seven leases operating ten blocks. Two just changed hands, one for $15,000, the other for $10,000. Assays too high to mention. Three leases sacking high grade. No. 2. Rawhide Red Top Mining Co. Fifteen acres, 60-foot shaft, ledge about two feet, assays from $11 to $300. Three leases working. No. 3. Owl One M. & L. Co. Owns two-year lease of the entire Owl No.1 claim of the Roseberry group. Working in picture ore. Owns other mineralized acreage. No. 4. Rawhide Daisy Mining Co. Property surrounded by richest mines in camp. Situated on Balloon Hill. Has Kearns lead. Assays up to $600. No. 5. Rawhide Burro Mining Co. Owns Burro and Imp claims, adjoining the Rawhide Coalition property, control of which just changed hands for $600,000. No. 6. Rawhide Paymaster Mining Co. Owns two of the promising mines of the district. Blocks for leasing purposes in great demand. Rumored good strike on ground. No. 7. Rawhide Ready Bullion Mining Co. Estate of twenty acres of rich mineralized ground in the heart of the producing mines. No. 8. Calvert lease on the Nevada Umpah No. 1 of the Grutt Bros.' property. In line to make one of the great producers of the district. No. 9. Rawhide Tarantula Mining Co. One of the big showings of Rawhide. No. 10. Rawhide Reduction M. & L. Co. Owners of the high grade Murray lease and the valuable I. X. L. group, on which several leasers are sacking rich ore. No. 11. Rawhide Lucky Boy Mining Co. An estate that is sure to prove a good dividend payer. No. 12. The Public Mining Co. and Rawhide Balloon Hill Fraction Mining Co. Promoted by the popular firm of mine makers, Boyer, Thomas & Co. of Goldfield. Two properties that are destined to make history. Fifteen leasers now working. No. 13. Rawhide Nevada Mining Co. Of sufficient acreage of mineral ground to produce millions. No. 14. Original Rawhide Mining Co. Owners and operators of the rich Kearns No. 1 and adjoining three blocks. Also owners of other valuable acreage. No. 15. Estate of Yellow Aster Rawhide Mining Co. Located adjoining property the richest in the district. No. 16. Rawhide Big Horn Mining Co. One of the promising companies of the camp, adjoining the Consolidated company of the Grutt brothers, a million for which was refused. No. 17. Lucky Strike claim, recently purchased by G. S. Johnson and J. B. Cottle. It has no superior in the Rawhide district. No. 18. Rawhide Northern Mining Co. Purchased in the early days at a bargain by Tex Rickard for $35,000. Sidelines the wonderful Last Chance mine. Is a sure winner. No. 19. The Royal Tiger Mining Co. The wonder of the west side of the district. A shipper from the grass roots. The coming Mohawk of Rawhide. No. 20. The Steinheimer mine. The oldest location in the district. A proven mine with large tonnage in sight. No. 21. The St. Ives lease. Sandwiches between the sensational Kearns leases. A sure producer. The company also owns the shipping St. Ives lease of Goldfield. No. 22. Rawhide Bluff Mining Co. First location in Rawhide proper. Zeb Kendall's new lucky purchase. No. 23. Grutt Hill Gold Mining Co. On the immensely rich Grutt hill. The lease of this hill sold for $45,000. Picture ore found all over the estate. No. 24. Rawhide Lode Leasing Co. Owns three-year lease of nine acres on Rawhide mine of the Rawhide Grutt Syndicate Co. and other valuable acreage. No. 25. Rawhide Regent M. & M. Co. A positive dividend payer. No. 26. Wonder King Mining Co. Another shipper of the west section. Values on Arnold lease on this property assay from $1343 to $6000. No. 27. Tonopah and Cocopah claims of forty acres of proven mineral ground and an eighteen months' lease on the valuable Happy Day Mine, 300 feet from Kearns Wonder, all comprise the estate of the Rawhide Victor Mining Co. Q. Black lines enclose the rich estate of the Rawhide Queen Mining Co. C. Black lines enclose the Grutt Bros. and associates' valuable acreage, incorporated under the name of the Rawhide Consolidated Mining Co.



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Map of the Rawhide Mining District
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