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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to Barbara Petrusich, March 7, 1907

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MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFIELD, NEV. March 7, 1907 Mrs. Barbara Petrusich, Aurora, Minn. Dear Mrs. Petrusich: We all wish to tender you our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of your son Tony. We cannot express in words our regrets for the accident. Five of us, Ray Dingman, M. Taylor, M.J. Mulcoy, Tony and the writer (Earle Rinker} were out prospecting about 30 miles from Goldfield. We were all sitting around our camp fire about 7;15 P.M. Sunday night, and all talking with the friendliest kind of feelings existing between us all. The gun( a revolver) was in M. Taylors hands when it was accidently discharged. Tony cried to Taylor that he had shot him and a hasty examination proved that the bullet had entered the back of his left leg about half way between the knee and hip, and struck the bone and glanced up into his body. Tony and I were laying on a roll of bedding in the tent. I was laying against Tony with my head on his shoulders. Taylor went crazy with grief as soon as he saw what he had done. We immediately started to Goldfield with Tony andhad him in the hospital here about 11:30 P.M. We done everything possible to save his life but to no avail. The Priest was called administered to Tony. Tony asked us to tell you there were no members of his society in Goldfield. We promised him when he was first shot that we would send him home if he died. Tony did not have any money but he has one claim that he owns himself and he also has 1/3 interest in a water right with Taylor and Mulcoy. We have borrowed enough money to pay all expenses and have prepared him for shipment, sparing no expense. Tony gave Mulcoy his power of Attorney so that Mulcoy could handle his property and turn the proceeds all over to you as this was what Tony desired done with his property. We deeply deplore our loss for Tony was the truest kind of a friend and always ready to extend a helping hand to friends in ned



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to Barbara Petrusich, March 7, 1907
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Letter to Barbara Petrusion (Tony’s mother). He explained the circumstances of the shooting and his sympathies for his friend’s death, as well as information on his personal property and the shipment of the body.
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