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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 21, 1906, page 2

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- 2 - to stay there for a while. Another man went out of the Office sick this afternoon. His name is Wade, he is a Capitalist and does not have an office but makes his headquarters here. He has pneumonia too and the doctor reports him in bad shape, but we hope he will make it alright. I have been feeling pretty good myself. As far as fire is concerned, since the Hotel Fire they have passed an ordinance prohibiting coal oil stoves in town. A great many people were using them in rooms and I don't know what they will do now. My room is fairly warm and I will use plenty of covers to keep warm. The water is a little cold but I have a small coal oil lamp that I am going to try to use on the sly. I have bought a little pan to set on top of it to warm water. Expect they would invite me to leave the city if they found it out. When any one is asked to leave a western town, that party never hesitates. Thereis something queer about that, as no questions are ever asked but the fellow is simply told to skidoo and he never asks any questions either. There is always a cause for it however. I have heard nothing from Hurry up to this time. I looked for a telegram from him today. Am anxious to know whether he is coming or not. Wish I could only hear Billiee jabber a while. I think of him every once in a while. I am looking for dadys letter in the morning. If the boys send for stock and I find out soon enough how much they have got to invest I may put their money in another stock. The same one that I lost in. It is bound to come up. I have not lost anything however as I have not sold out. The Rochester will be a good stock to hold and would be the safest. Will ring off for tonight. Earle



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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 21, 1906, page 2
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