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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 21, 1906

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MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFIELD, NEV. Nov. 21, 1906 Dear Mother:- I will now try and give you a little longer letter than I wrote last night. No there don't seem to be much wrong with you. I guess when you sum it all up you are just about the same as you always was. I hope that you get a girl for you surely need one. I am glad that Dady is in pretty good spirits. He surely did have the dumps pretty often but if he was only here it would be one continual case. Now maybe you think that I have not been giving you straight goods about my liking it out here. I am here and glad of it as I have told you before. Of course I hate to be away from home but the money is what I came for. The stock I paid 10 cents for is now selling at 6 cents. How is that for making money. I am going to holdon to it even if it goes to 1 cent. I expect to make some money on that very stock. However for all the chances to make money there are several disadvantages. You know _there is no rose without a thorn_. Now that tel1s it about as well as anything possibly could. Three of the fellows that used to work in the Furniture factory got in here Monday morning. They have been about scared out and hardly know what to do. Now I am here and am going to try to stay it out this winter but I will be like Aunt Sarah Campbell was the time she was on the Interurban car when the trolley wire broke- 0 Lord let me out this time and I will never stay in Goldfield another winter.- You will probably remember me telling you about Judge Shropshire. He was the man that told me about the Knight of Pythias and how they were organized. He also told me a great deal of Rathbone. He went out of the office sick Saturday and today he is dead. Was only bedfast two or three days. We got some Crepe and hung over Heber's sign and now it will go over Shropshire's. It looks as though it was going



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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 21, 1906
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Letter to his mother. The last half of his letter discussed ordinances that passed because of the hotel fire including the use of oil stoves, which he uses in his room to keep warm. Also, there is an interesting comment on how people do not question authorities when they told them to leave town.
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