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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, February 7, 1907

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MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFIELD, NEV. Feby. 7, 1907 Dear Mother:- Just received your letter of Jan. 30 and 31st with Terassey's. It has been several days since I heard from home and I was getting a little bit anxious to get a letter. I was glad to hear the kids got located near home. They can make it alright there. I am afraid they will not have good water. It used to be very swampy there. That will be handy for them too. They will have to watch the kids pretty close to keep them off the tracks. Tell At I will save some of my old clothes for him. I will send him an old western hat and a pairof boots, after I have worn them out. I think I can realize about how the kid feels about leaving home. He will feel a little bit different though if he was going more than three thousand miles from home and did not know just when he would be back. Now don't you think I am homesick Mother for I am not. I think of you fellows often but I manage not to be homesick. So I consider the kids lucky to be that near home. The mud is drying up fast here and the weather is very warm. People are going around in their shirt sleeves now but it is pretty cool of mornings. Am sorry to hear that Clay is knocked out, and also that you have not been able to shredd fodder yet. The fodder must be in pretty bad shape by this time. You ask about that prospecting trip. If I go it will be to a new country about 100 miles north of Goldfield. They make the trip by mules and burros. I would like to go well enough but I may not have the money. It will take about $500 to $800 to get our outfit and that means a pretty big bunch to me. I don't know just when I will get home but I will be there just as soon as I make my stake or go broke. It looks at times that I would go broke. I have lost close to $150 on some stocks that I hold but I am making it up on others. Of course I am liable to lose what I am making up now. Gold Mining Stocks are very uncertain. Guess At would have a fit if I lost his money for him. It may be lost but if it is I will get him another for all he lost. I could sell his stock at $50.00 profit now but I am going to hold it. It is selling for 30 cents a share now. Since I wrote you about taking the prospecting trip there has something else came up that may take me out of the Gold Mining business. When I first came to Goldfield I got well acquainted with a man by the name of Ansel. This winter while he was in Los Angeles he bought a Wild West Show. Something about the size and nature of Buffalo Bill's show. He just got in to Goldfield a little over a week ago and told me about it and has offered me a place. When he first told me about it I was joking him about giving me a place with the show. We joked about it awhile and now it has came down to serious consideration. The show will travel over the Western states. Now he has got me guessing about right. I would not go unless I could clear as much as I am now from my salary. He is going to stay with the Show most of the time himself. You would be surprised to see what kind of a looking duck he is. He is very wealthy and knows the show business to a finish. He made most of his money that way. He has



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, February 7, 1907
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Letter to his mother. He discussed a Wild West Show that came to Goldfield. A friend runs it and he is considering joining the show.
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