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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, March 16, 1908

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PREST. LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER A.A. BARRETT, SECY. R.J. SHOEMAKER, DIRECTOR J.R. HUBBARD, GEN'L. MGR. Baby Florence Mining Company P.O. Box 334 112 Hall St. Goldfield, Nevada Mar. 16, 1908 Dear Mother:- Your No.2 of the 11th just received. As I have plenty of time this afternoon here goes. I was sorry to hear that you and Dady were worrying about me working at the mine. Now let me tell you there is no danger in working around the top. The danger is with the fellows below and I won't go underground to work. That is why I am not working now. I got to work 1/2 shift Sat. and 1/4 shift yesterday. I would have got to work the full 1/2 shift but I lost the big valve bucket that we use to bring the water out with. I lost it from the end of the cable in the bottom of a 500 foot shaft. There was about 50 foot of water in the shaft and I did not think I was enough of a diver to go down and hook the bucket on again. We will have to get another bucket before we can bail any more. It was not my fault that the durned thing came unkooked so I am not out anything only the time I lose by us not being able to work. There would only have been about three 1/2 shifts so you see I am not out much anyway. I was over to take dinner with Myrta and John and found them both pretty well. Myrta came over to town this afternoon and is about all right again. She knows all about Carl not coming to Goldfield for she heard from him. She thinks she is ready to go to the mines and see what it looks like underground so the first chance John gets I am going to take them out and take her underground and expect I will take some flash-light pictures. I won't take her down where there is any danger and might know John would not think of letting her go where it was not safe. That was a great celebration of Thurman's birthday. I wouldhave like to been in on the apples. Was sorry to hear of Aunt Betsy Richman troubles but I am not surprised at her losing her mind with the way the boys treat her. I note all you say in regard to Fanny Moreland and also Mort Hancock losing his barn. Boyer & Kendal must have some money behind them by the way they are going after things. That ought to make Daleville boom. I knew while I was there that they were figuring on building a new factory there or building an addition. I want you to tell me who the party was that told At I had the small pox. Now Idid not have it and I won't ever say who it was that told him if you will only tell me. That felow that wants to buy 1/2 share in my claim is an old man that I knew in Parker by the name of Dick Johnson. He has done quite a lot of prospecting in his time. He was figuring , or rather his was, on buying some property back home. About the strike,it looks like the Consolidates is going to try and hold out but I expect they will lose out in the end. Most all the other places are working but it does not seem to have much effect for good on the stock market.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, March 16, 1908
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Letter to his mother. Rinker told his mother not to worry about him working in the mines. He explains how above ground work is safe and below ground work is where it is dangerous.
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