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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, April 24, 1908

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PREST. LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER A.A. BARRETT, SECY. R.J. SHOEMAKER, DIRECTOR J.R. HUBBARD, GEN'L. MGR. Baby Florence Mining Company P.O. Box 334 112 HALL ST. GOLDFIELD, NEVADA Apr. 24, 1908 Dear Mother:- Your No.12 of Easter Sunday was received yesterday. I had a little business on the Stock Exchange larst night and did not have a chance to write. I was buying some more Baby Florence. Paid 4 cents for 1000 shares. I have told you how I spent Easter Sunday and all about the dinner. Now Mammy I won't have much time to write as there is something doing tonight and I can only write till Jeff and Hurry stop in for me. We are going to a big scrap tonight. It is on Jeff this time. I have no dough for seats myself but Jeff wanted me to go with them. Say 7 dozen eggs was a deal of a big bunch for you fellows to eat. I only ate one egg for breakfast and did not think of trying to bust myself. I am glad you were able to clean up on such a big bunch though for you all must have been feeling in pretty good shape to stand such mess. I would have liked to seen Billee in his linen suit talking to dady. Bet he could carry it through alright. Hope he gets his teeth out so they won't bother him. I want you to go after both of the Granddadies and jack them up about writing. I am looking for them all the time. Yes there was a well near us, or we called it near for it was only about two squares from us, when we lived in the tent. We got tired of carrying it though and bought from awater wagon. You know we were not batching them and it did not take very much water to run us. Then when we moved to the adobe we had a well near the house and carried all our water. All the wells in Goldfield are over in that part of town. There are no wells in our part of town where we are living now. There are dozens of water wagons that peddle water all over the camp. They haul it in big tin tanks, wood tanks and barrels etc. Say before I forget It there is a fellow by the name of Billy Williams that left for home at parker about two days ago. I have often spoke of him in my letters. He promised me he would go in go and see Dady. I am trying to do Dady all the good I can. If I can't talk to him myself I try and give him the latest by direct messenger. There is where Daday has the advantage of you. Maybe Billy will have a chance to come down home and you will all get a chanoe at him. He is going by way of New Orleans. He is a K.P. You might send a stick of that stickin salve if you want to. I never got anything to beat that. Hurry gets a two weeks vacation on full pay commencing the 23d of May. He intends to go down to Los Angeles and Frisco. It will surely be atreat to go. No the Baby Florence is not doing enough business to afford any office help. If they strike ore they will probably need a fellow in the office. Yes Tom Karns is an old bach and he is batching too. He is about 32 or35 years old. I let him have a lot of my films and he is making blue print post cards from them. Say I didn't happen to get the paper that told about the fight. I am going to get one with an account of tonights fight and send you. I was surprised to know that it did not cost very much to get the old fiddle fixed up. Hope it is alright. (over)



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, April 24, 1908
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Letter to his mother. He explained where the wells are in Goldfield how the water wagons operate. He also discussed a prize fight.
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