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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his father, April 27, 1908

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PREST. LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER A.A. BARRETT, SECY. R.J. SHOEMAKER, DIRECTOR J.R. HUBBARD, GEN'L. MGR. Baby Florence Mining Company P.O. Box 334 112 HALL ST. GOLDFIELD, NEVADA Apr. 27, 1908 Dear Dady:- I just received Mothers No. 1 of the 22nd this evening. Hope her Rumatics are better as she said she was having a spell but I guess she can't be very badly crippled up as she was working all the time. I got the picture of the book case and also the poppy seed. The bulbs she sent for Myrta have not arrived yet. I was over to Johns for Sunday dinner last night. I stopped in on the way home from work and ate in my old clothes. John and I both quit work about the same time. I took a little ore with me from the mine and thought I would pan it and show Myrta some gold but I did not have a regular gold pan and couldn't show a speck of gold. Tell mother she don't need to worry about her writing so much that she won't have anything to talk about when I come back, for she won't need to talk as I will have things to talk about and she won't have a chance to talk. Jeff and I thought we would go to Church last night and hear the program that was rendered Easter Sunday. They had such a big crowd Easter Sunday at all the Churches that a great many people could not get in, so all the churches gave the same entertainment over. We thought we would go to the Presby. church. It was so late till I could get home and dress after stopping at John's that we found the church crowded and could not even get standing room so we went back home. Hurry is working afternoon and evenings now. He will get a two weeks vacation next month on full pay. He intends to go g down to Frisco and Los Angeles. I am getting fatter and stronger all the time. Like the work now and think I will stay with it. $4.00 a day is not bad and only 8 hours work. I have all day work and that is quite an item. Of course it is every day and Sunday too. I get a pretty good lunch for my dinner. Generally meat or egg sandwiches and bread butter and Honey sandwiches. I also have an orange every day for lunch. They are cheaper than apples here. I sure get my meals regular and plenty of them too. Tonight we had sliced bananas and cream, mashed spuds gravy, beef steak. We have fresh meat every night. Am glad to know the old fiddle is so valuable. If any one gets crazy for it though, hand it to them. Am glad At is not losing more time than he is. You can have no idea of how many men are idle and hungry here. I consider myself mighty lucky to have the job I have. Forgot to tell you that I am panning a little on the side and am going to try and pan out enough goldfrom samples to make me a ring. I have been panning for three days now and have about as much gold as would make a nugget the size of a grain of rice. It is all fine gold you know and comes pretty slow when you have to pound it up in a mortar and pan it out in a little pan. I bought me some quicksilver tonight and I will be able to save more gold by using that. After you get as much of the waste out of the pan as possible you pour in the quicksilver and that gathers up all the gold. The Baby is looking pretty good now. I have 3000 shares and think I will get out alright.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his father, April 27, 1908
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Letter to his father. He addressed gold panning, Easter Sunday church in Goldfield being packed, and work in the mines.
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