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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother July 8, 1907

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT R.J. SHOEMAKER, SECRETARY THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PRESIDENT LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER MOHAWK LEDGE MINING COMPANY GOLDFIELD, NEVADA P.O. BOX 334 July 8/07 Dear Mother: Your letter of July 3 and Fourth received this morning. Glad to hear your hands are getting better. Now you want to give me straight goods about your hands. I want to know just how they are getting along. Well I am going to send you some pictures in this letter and I had better explain them before I forget it. Pictures numbered 1-2 & 3 are my first three pictures with the Kodak. Picture No 1 is a picture of Taylor's Tunnel on his property down where we were. The tunnel is run into the hill about 175 feet. The top of the hill is 285 feet higher than the mouth of the tunnel. We climbed this hill. I had climbed it when I was down there the first of March and it did not wworry me so much but it was pretty hard on Jeff. In the foreground you can see a [monuemen?] where I makred X. No 1 and two are cedar or pine trees. No two is a large one. I was about 3 or 400 feet from the tunnell when I took the picture. Part of the hills is covered with sage brush and part of it is bare.The hill is just about as steep as the dump (stuff dumped from the tunnell). The hill is covered all over the sides with loose shale and when you are climbing up you slide back about as much as you gain. It is a cinch coming down though. You can slide down most of the way if your steer clear of sage brush. Jeff is standing at the left of the tunnel and another fellow is standing just at the right in front of the hole and he don't show very plain. After taking this view we went and got dinner and then went out to my claim which is picture #2. My Location [Monuement?] is right up on top of the ridge near X. It don't show in the picture. There is a ledge cropping out of the ground on the other side of the hill but I did not have time to go to the place where I could get a good view of it. You can see some pretty tall Mountains in the back ground. They are about 2000 to 2500 feet hight from the level of the valley.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother July 8, 1907
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Letter to his mother. There is a list of photographs by number with a description of each. He briefly addressed the festivities of July 4th, including the fact that there were no fireworks because of the high risk of fires.
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