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Second principal appointment went to David E. Thorburn, 17 year old son of Mrs. Eleanor B. Thorburn of Reno. David will graduate from Reno High with the class of '64. Alternates under the principal appointment of Michelsen Include first alternate Stephen Michael Owen, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Owen of Hawthorne. Stephen will graduate from Mineral County High this spring. Second alternate, Jose Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wllfrido Meyer of Las Vegas, Is a graduate of Bishop Gorman High and is now in his third year at the University of Nevada, Southern Regional Branch. Michael David Grulli, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Grulli of Yerlngton, was nominated a third alternate under Michelsen. Fourth alternate nominee is Frederick W. Morledge, 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Morledge of Las Vegas. He was an honor student at Bishop Gorman High antf attended Menlo Park Junior College, where he excelled scholastlcally until enlisting in the United States Navy. Fifth alternate, Robert Jeffrey Arneson, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arneson of Las Vegas, will graduate from Las Vegas High this spring. Alternates under David Thorburn include: First Alternate, Charles R. Gardner, 17, son of Mr* and Mrs. Raymond Gardner. Charles is a Las Vegas High School senior. Christopher Miller, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Miller of Reno, has been given second alternate He attends Reno HlKh and will graduate with the class of '64. William Rufus Adams, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W. Adams of Genoa, has been nominated as third alternate. He Is a Douglas County High School senior. Pipe Puffing Coed Relates Experiences By April Mulder (Part I of a two part urttrlr.) As of late, since the last cigarette scare, the new focus (much to the pipe manufacturers' delight) has been set upon pipe smoking for ladles. The idea Is not new, but it is presently increasing in popularity. In fact, there may be a number of local coeds who would like to try the fashionable vice but are afraid of the possible consequences. It is for these girls that I took up the pipe to spare them the first run on the controversial course. The following, therefore, is an account of my experience as a female pipe smoker over the last two weeks; it is not a smoker's guide on the art and tech> nique o fpiping. Dale Lowe, campus authority and veteran pipe smoker, has promised to present these technicalities. BUYING THE PIPE The very purchasing of a pipe would be the first obstacle facing the gals who would like to try smoking one. It was in their interest that I ventured to the most exclusive ladies' shop I could find (located on the Strip, girls) to make the buy. Amid all the high fashion, jewelry, wigs, hats and the like, I found a rather large display of women's pipes. They are slimmer, lighter and daintier than the man's pipe — in fact they closely resemble a cigarette holder. Looking over the selection I picked one and stalled around to gather up my shaky nerve. After several false starts I cautiously made my way to the cashier where I paid ofr the item with the nonchalance of a cocker chewing on her master's slipper. Three of the ladies in the department congratulated me on the buy and said they too owned pipes and enjoyed them immensely. Then, we passed the time of day talking of tobaccos.FAMILY AND FRIENDS Slipping home with my pipe was not too difficult. My mother took it rather well. This was partly due to the fact that I broke the news to her while she was rousing from a sound sleep and also because she was too worried about my father's reaction to complain. My father was less pleased. He discovered the pipe stuck between my teeth and full of his tobacco! After he regained consciousness he was too weak to object — he Just kept muttering something about "My poor little baby," over and over. My closer associates were at first surprised, then amused and then quite proud of my nerve . . . several of them considered the move themselves. The friends of the family who dropped in and discovered my new passtlme ignored the incident like it were a bad dream and as if In hopes that it would disappear. 36 Make NS Honor Roll Twq Nev;ula Southern students earning 4.0 averages and 34 others were listed on the University of Nevada scholarship honor roll. The names listed represent the upper five per cent of all the matriculated undergraduate student body. These honor roll students completed at least fifteen semester credits of class work during the semester ending January 22, 1964. The NS students listed are: Scott W. Woodard and Chloe Ann DuCharme, who both have 10 averages, and .ludy I*. Walling,Walling, Catherine D. Hatch, Janet N. Monson, Jerry Lee Collins, Paulette Mae Huher, Jon B. Sweeney, Clark V. Anderson and I,arry C. King. Others recognized: Douglas Duchin, Allen G. KUen, Jon Eric Oobatn, William High Daley, Minnie Syde, Jill C. Flemlngton, I,airy H. Barnson, Kenneth Robert Bauer, Sandra Fe Rydzewski, George Austin, Franklin Ora German, Stewart L. Bell, Phyllis Segal, Myrna D. Selwyn, Joanne Favero, Sylvia V. Race, Clark W. Smith, Jr., Ruth Ellen Castle, Donald Gordon Farr, Joan B. Feeze, Paavo C. Hall, Alberta E. Stern, Jacqueline Momble, Gene Robens and John I-ewis. Thought for the month: Of every 10 children now in elementary school, three will not finish high school, seven will earn a diploma. Of this group, three will go to work, four will continue their education. Of these four, only two will complete college —Dept. of HEW. "The highest courage is to stake exerything on a premise that you know tomorrow's evidence may disprove."—Holmes CSNS To Sponsor Two Scholarships Nevada Southern's Student Government will sponsor two $300 scholarships for Incoming freshmen, president Steve Hlmel said last week. Funds' for the two scholarships come from profits made at the Peter, Paul, and Mary concert last semester. The scholarships are open to outstanding high school seniors Rimel said that the student would have to lie outstanding in both academic and extracurricular activities to be eligible for the grant. The senior must have I .'i.O grade average or over, and come from the Vegas area ac well. The scholarship is valid for two semesters, and the recipient must maintain a GPA of at least 2.r> to keep the scholarship. Rimel said that financial need will also be taken into consideration in choosing the recipient. Three Star Show Here April 4th A three star .show comes to Nevada Southern April 4, the second to be sponsored by the student government. Singer Lou Ootlleb headlines the show backed by by somlwr folk singer Judy Lenske, and the Modern Folk Quartet. Gotlieb comes to Nevada Southern after a success with the well-known 'Llrhellghters.' Judy Lenske now rides on the waves of several recording successes.The Modern Folk Quartet had its beginning in Hawaii on a Wakikl beach spot. Each of the members started in other groups before coming together as the Modern Folk Quartet. Deseret Club News The low structure rising west of the Gymnasium is the 3,700 squire foot Deseret Club Center. The 80 by 45 foot building contains seven permanent rooms along with a large 80 by 25 foot room tahat can be divided into three rooms by means of folding partitions. When the partitions are drawn the room contains two classrooms and a lounge. When the partitions are taken away the room can be used for social functions, convenient to the small kitchen. Dr. A. G. Noorda (MD) spoke to the Deseret Club March 4 about courtship and marriage. A question and answer period followed. Second semester officers were electad; they are: President Byron Tanner, Vice President Mike Cox, Secretary Sidey Mc- Allister, treasurer Terry Peterson, and Historian Gearald Jensen. ' The Club will soon be meet ing In the new building. The building will be finished by the middle of May, according to spokesman Pam Peterson. S.I. Hayakawa Here March 16 S. I. Hayakawa, noted semantics authority, will speak March 16, Monday, in* the Gym at 8 p.m. The subject will be "Communication: Interracial and International.Hayakawa, a Ph.D., is Professor of English at San Francisco State College and founder and editor of ETC.: A Review of General Semantics. He was born m Vancouver, 8.C., Canada, attended public schools in Calgary .Vancouver, and Winnipeg, graduated from the University of Manitoba, and received his M.A. degree (English) from McGlll University, Montreal. He earned his Ph.D. in English (American literature, linguistics) at Wisconsin. He has taught at the University of Wisconsin, Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago), University of Chicago, and has been at San Francisco State College since 1955. He has also held summer and visiting professorships at University of Denver, University of Kansas City, Columbia University, Notre Dame University, University of Hawaii, and San Jose State College. Intercollegiate Knights On March 1, 1964, Dean Araru and Karvel Rose were brought into the state of knighthood. The ceremony was conducted by I.K. vice president Joe Beard assisted by the remaining Knights present at the meeting. The knighthood ceremony was followed by a general business meeting. Many items were discussed at the meeting. The one of most significance was the possibility of launching a book drive for the Nevada Southern Library. Jack Curtis is presently researching the problem. The Intercollegiate Knights National Convention, coming up in April, was also discussed. The convention will be held In Denver, Colorado and the Red Eagle Chapter of Nevada Southern would like to send four or five delegates. The service center is now in full swing. New signs will be put up in the future publicizing additional services which the I.K.'s have added. The center now includes a lost and found, book exchange, Information center, typing service for term papers, and change service for vending machine users. In addition to these services, the center is now selling A.W.S. student directories as a service to the A.W.S. The past weeks activities included a luncheon on Thursday, March 5, at "Buffs"; ushering by knights Joe Beard and Tom Hribar and squire Jerry Carillo at the lecture, "The Soviet Challenge"; and a page meeting on Friday, March 7. 4 Thursday, March 26, 1964 Tha REBEL YELL REMEMBER: comiiON ON APRIL 14 v- ... Connection refused