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Christmas Dinner menu, December 25, 1883, at the Exchange Hotel, Bound with blue cord and tassel.
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Silver Jubilee, menu, 1980 "To Claude from Liberace 1980" with drawing of a piano inscribed on menu cover in black ink;
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Christmas dinner at the Bancroft House, Tuesday, December 25, 1883 Border is embossed, color artwork on the cover is slightly raised.
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Jersey Lillies Society, event, menu, March 29, 1901, at Café Royal
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Christmas dinner menu at the Queen's Hotel, December 25, 1883
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Noble family residence, menu Double coats of arms beneath a French marquis crown, flanked by unicorns, on the cover with the legend "Fidel a Son Roy et a l'Honneur." The right-hand coat-of-arms (viewer's left) is de La Croix de Castries (d'azur à la croix...
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Versailles Room, dinner menu Photograph of Liza Minnelli on cover; photograph of Joel Grey on back cover.
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Christmas dinner menu at the Galt House, December 25, 1883 Extracts from the Christmas carol "Carol, Brothers, Carol," by W.A. Muhlenberg, printed on front of menu along with illustrations.
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Hotel de Russie, menu, September 2, 1881 On the back of the menu, there are several advertisements from the Société de Matres D'Hotels de Genève.
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The Lighthouse, dinner menu
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Christmas menu, The Palmer, December 25, 1883 Handwritten on menu, "Compliments of William P. Pratt"
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Cafe Noir, menu Cover illustration signed "Emily Syminton '60."
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1889, Hôtel du Quirinal At bottom of cover: "R. Stab. Lit. [Regio Stabilimento Litografico] C. Virano e Ci., Roma."
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Christmas menu at the Bowler House, December 25, 1883
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1883, at the Wright House
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Christmas dinner menu, Sunday, December 25, 1881, at the Kirby House Illustration copyrighted 1881.
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Christmas menu served in the Palm Room at Gibson House, December 25, 1901 Includes braided tassel.
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Christmas menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, The New Osburn House
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Thanksgiving day at the Dunlap House, Thursday, November 29, 1883 Illustration copyrighted 1883
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Jubilee Showroom menu
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Seven Stars, American bar, alcoholic beverage list
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The Plaza Hotel, menu, Easter Sunday, March 29, 1891 The Plaza Hotel opened its doors in 1880 after ten years of construction. It was demolished in 1905 and replaced by another hotel, with the same name. The new Plaza Hotel opened in 1907. New York is handwritten on the...
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Casa Maria, menu
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1879, American House
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Hôtel Kung Carl, dinner menu, January 10, 1886 Handwritten menu; menu does not include address; the name of a city, Vienne, is handwritten at the top of the menu cover, however, it was found through research that the hotel is in Stockholm
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The Burdick, menu, November 27, 1881
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Christmas dinner menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, National Hotel Back cover of menu states, "Opening of The National Hotel, Peoria, Tuesday October thirtieth, 1883."
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Hotel Continental, menu, Thursday, May 27, 1886 Members of the Worshipful Company of Broderers listed on page 4.
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Beckel House menu, Sunday, May 7, 1882 Menu folds into a triangle, becoming its own envelope.
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New Year's Day menu, 1883, Park Central Hotel Handwritten inscription on back of menu, Compliments of Al Allen
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Plankinton House menu, November 28, 1880
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Cafe Continental, menu The International Hotel was sold to Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1970 and renamed the Las Vegas Hilton in 1971;
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Burnett House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 30th, year unknown
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The Poplars, American bar, beverage list, June 7, 1899 American flag on the front cover; short and long drinks are listed;
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Café Royal menu, Friday, June 7, 1901
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Park Hotel, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1881 "From R. M. Hughes, Headwaiter" handwritten on back of menu in black ink.
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Christmas menu, St. James Hotel No date on menu.
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Unknown restaurant, menu, March 3 "Prince Auersperg, Autriche" is handwritten on the back cover of the menu; date on the menu does not specify the year; the emblem shown on the front cover might be related to the Prince Auersperg (Austria).
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The Southern, menu, Sunday, December 4, 1881
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Avenue Hotel Co., menu, July 21, 1881 Illustration engraved and copyrighted by J. A. Lowell & Co., Boston, 1875. No. 50
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Hôtel Beau-Rivage, American bar, beverage list
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Avenue Hotel Co., menu
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Landmark Hotel and Casino, room service menu
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1883, Tremont House
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Huron House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 29, 1885
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Menu for complimentary and farewell dinner to Ruggero Pratti, Esq., October 26, 1897, at Café...
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Café Restaurant de Paris, dinner menu, December 27, 1881 Handwritten menu. The coat of arms of the city of Paris, France is shown on the menu with its motto "Fluctuat nec mergitur" ("It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.") "Marius Boyer, 39. Av. de l'Opera" printed...
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Sunset Room, dinner menu Brown cord at menu spine;
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, Sheridan House
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Mr. Claude S. Pownceby's 21st birthday dinner, menu, Wednesday, July 14, 1897, at Café Royal

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