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Empire of India and Ceylon, dinner, menu, July 2, 1896, Quadrant restaurant
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The Criterion, menu, Tuesday, December 1, 1885
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Hotel Continental, menu, Saturday, October 14, 1893 Embossed silver decorations; back of menu has separate piece of cardboard pasted on so menu can stand like an easel.
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International Universal Exhibition, event, menu, Wednesday, June 1, 1898, at Earl's Court, Quadrant restaurant
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The Arlington House, lunch menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Park Hotel, menu, November 25, 1880
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Lindell Hotel menu, November 19, 1882
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence, menu, September 21, 1881 Menu is handwritten
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Galt House dinner menu, Friday, June 1, 1883 Printed at bottom of menu: "Carrie Swain" as Cad the Tom Boy, at Macauley's Theatre to-night.
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West London Philanthropic Society, ladies' banquet, menu, March 5, 1890, at Olympia
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Grand Hôtel menu, April 6, 1901 Handwritten menu. The word "Menu" and flowers are embossed. The menu has scalloped edges.
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Fourth of July celebration, menu, July 4, 1880, unknown restaurant At top of menu, "5:30 Ordinary."
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The Antlers menu, January 30, 1884
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu
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The Grand Union breakfast menu No date on menu. Includes list of hours for meals.
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Trocadero Restaurant, menu, April 14, 1899 Handwritten menu;
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Galt House menu, October 1, 1882 Bird illustration is embossed and colored.
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Cercle Amphitrion, menu Handwritten menu;
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Savoy Hotel dinner menu, November 2, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Queen Anne's Mansions, menu, May 23, 1886
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Hôtel Bristol menu, February 15, 1890 Handwritten menu
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Bates House dinner menu, Thursday, May 1, 1884
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Hôtel Métropole, lunch menu, October, 12, 1885
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Exposition Française de Londres, inauguration dinner of Restaurant Brébant, menu, June 3, 1890, Earl's Court Le Brétan is a hotel and restaurant in Paris; this inauguration dinner occurred in London during the "Exposition Française de Londres" at Earl's Court
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The Princes' Restaurant menu, April 28, 1897
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Menu for the Black Watch Regimental dinner, Friday, June 3, 1898, The Monico Louis XV... Menu states, H.R.M. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the Chair.
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Hotel Continental menu, July 11, 1895
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Lagonda House dinner menu, Sunday, October 8, 1882
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Hôtel Métropole, à la carte dinner menu, October 29, 1885
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Sheen House Club menu The Sheen House Club was the home of the Amateur Cycling Association. No date on menu. Handwritten menu. East Sheen S.W.
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Hotel Continental menu, July 11, 1895
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Carlton Hotel menu, November 7, 1899 Menu handwritten in French.
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Sheen House Club, menu The Sheen House Club was the home of the Amateur Cycling Association. East Sheen S.W.
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1883, at the Hubbard, Color illustration is surrounded by fringe and pasted onto the menu
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Unknown restaurant, menu, November 12 Handwritten menu; picture of a woman in Tudor costume sitting at a table with a spoon in her hand and a tureen of soup on the table; name of the picture: "Potage Maria Stuart" (i.e., Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)....
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Princes Restaurant menu, February 11, 1898
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Hôtel Métropole dinner menu, October 17, 1885 Menu states: "Whitstable Natives, with brown bread & butter, per doz. 4s."
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Adelphi Hotel, menu, February 19 There was an Adelphi Hotel in Sheffield, England, in the 19th century; the menu does not show a complete date, the year is missing.
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Menu for the Black Watch Regimental dinner, Friday, June 11, 1897, The Monico Louis XV... Menu states, H.R.M. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the Chair.
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Hôtel Dieudonné, lunch menu, March 7, 1901 Handwritten menu; Telephone Number 5265 Gerrard
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Regent House, lunch menu, October 5, 1890
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First Volunteer Battalion -- The Buffs, tenth annual regimental dinner, menu, Wednesday, November 15, 1899,...
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Private home in London, evening party, menu, June 24 No year on menu
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Savoy Restaurant menu, November 9, 1898
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Hotel Bristol, menu The menu shows two coats of arms with similar shields and mottos of London and Edinburgh (Scotland) coats of arms. Below these two coats of arms it is written "vis unita fortior" (strength united is stronger). The presence of...
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Private home, menu The date on the menu is July 4; the year is missing;
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Private home, menu, July 21 No year on menu. At one point in time this location was the residence of Baron de Reuter. Border, resembling lace, die-cut to follow shape of decorative embossing.
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First Battalion Irish Guard St. Patrick's Eve supper menu, March 17, 1901, Grosvenor Hotel St. Patrick's Day is the traditional regimental holiday.
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Greyhound Hotel, menu, Monday, May 19, 1890
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu; title of the drawing is "Consommé Diana," a play upon the name of the soup and the hunting goddess Diana, depicted here, with her dog, serving a dish of hot consomme. Artist's name is possibly Ugo Bizzarri.

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