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Galt House menu, Sunday, February 3, 1884
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Savoy Hotel & Restaurant, menu, November 3, 1898 Features illustration of a woman holding two white pigs on ribboned tethers; the skirt of her dress appears to be printed with question marks.
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1883, Hotel Emery
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Brunswick, menu, November 30, 1882
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Royal Academy of Arts, event, menu, Saturday, May 2, 1903 Shows gilt Royal Academy of Arts coat of arms; gilt letters
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Menu for complimentary luncheon to George O. Starr, Esq. and friends, given by Messrs J....
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St. Charles Hotel breakfast menu
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Galt House luncheon menu, Sunday, October 21, 1883 Luncheon 1 to 2:30 p.m. Dinner from 6 to 8 p.m.
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Trocadero Restaurant, menu, December 17, 1898
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J. B. Rutherford, Esq., event, menu, Tuesday, April 23, 1901, at Grosvenor Hotel
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The Mayor of Kensington's luncheon, menu, May 23, 1903, at Earl's Court Exhibition, Quadrant restaurant Includes wine list;
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Christmas menu, 1883, Clark House
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White House dinner menu, Sunday, June 8, 1884 Includes meal hours and dining rules.
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Lindell Hotel, menu, October 1, 1882
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Strand Lodge, event, menu, Thursday, December 10, 1885, at The Criterion Decorated with Masonic emblems;
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Lodge of Antiquity installation banquet, menu, Wednesday, May 28, 1902, at Freemasons' Tavern Worshipful Master: H. F. Manisty; Erard's Pianos exclusively used
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Galt House menu, Sunday, October 28, 1883
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American Hospital Ship, event, menu, December 17, 1899, Carlton Hotel Emblem inscription: American hospital ship -- Maine -- South Africa;
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Chief Constables of England and Wales, event, menu, Tuesday, May 30, 1893 Includes wine list;
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, The Windsor
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, September 2, 1883
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The Monico, Egyptian Saloon, menu, May 26, 1898 Two gilt coat of arms with the following inscriptions: "Duke of Edinburgh's regiment" and "Wiltshire"; gilt letters and borders
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Galt House, menu, Tuesday, November 28, 1882
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, October 15, 1882
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, March 26, 1901 Includes wine list;
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Genesius Club annual dinner, menu, Sunday, April 28, 1901, at Café Florence Illustration of man in 18th-19th century costume, accompanied by a dog, seated on a stage with drama masks, raising a toast, signed "L. Thackeray, painted by Charles Schulz." Masonic symbol in upper left corner.
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1883, Palace Hotel
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Supreme Council banquet, menu, Tuesday, May 13, 1902, at the Freemasons' Tavern Shows gilt emblem of the council at the top of the menu
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Grand Hôtel menu, April 7, 1901
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The Arlington House, lunch menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Park Hotel, menu, November 25, 1880
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Lindell Hotel menu, November 19, 1882
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The Antlers menu, January 30, 1884
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Galt House menu, October 1, 1882 Bird illustration is embossed and colored.
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Bates House dinner menu, Thursday, May 1, 1884
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Lagonda House dinner menu, Sunday, October 8, 1882
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Sheen House Club, menu The Sheen House Club was the home of the Amateur Cycling Association. East Sheen S.W.
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First Volunteer Battalion -- The Buffs, tenth annual regimental dinner, menu, Wednesday, November 15, 1899,...
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Savoy Restaurant menu, November 9, 1898
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First Battalion Irish Guard St. Patrick's Eve supper menu, March 17, 1901, Grosvenor Hotel St. Patrick's Day is the traditional regimental holiday.
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Greyhound Hotel, menu, Monday, May 19, 1890
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu; title of the drawing is "Consommé Diana," a play upon the name of the soup and the hunting goddess Diana, depicted here, with her dog, serving a dish of hot consomme. Artist's name is possibly Ugo Bizzarri.
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Prince Rupert Tavern, menu, Friday, February 15, 1901
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Monongahela House, menu, Sunday, April 27, 1884
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu No date on menu.
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Der Pilger Lodge banquet, menu, Saturday, March 22, 1902, Schwestern Restaurant Der Pilger, No. 238, a London lodge, was established in August 1799.
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13th Hussars event, menu, Thursday, June 5, 1902, at Hotel Cecil
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Fourth Hussars regimental dinner, menu, Tuesday, June 3, 1902
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Menu of ball supper, Tuesday, November 22, 1898, at Old Falcon Hotel
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City Imperial Volunteers, Officers mess, menu, Friday, June 6, 1902

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