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City Imperial Volunteers, Officers mess, menu, Friday, June 6, 1902
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King's Own Scottish Borderers event, menu, Monday, June 16, 1902 at Hotel Cecil The Regiment was created in 1689.
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St. George Preceptory, installation banquet, menu, Friday, March 21, 1902, at Freemasons' Tavern
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The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd and 52nd) event, menu, October 28, 1902, at...
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Menu for a dinner given by the mayor, Geo. M. Arnold, to the Corporation of...
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The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd and 52nd) event, menu, Friday, June 20, 1902,...
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Arcade Hotel, menu, February 1, 1885
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New Year's Day menu, January 1, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Claridge's Hotel, menu, December 22, 1898 Handwritten menu by Edouard Nignon, Maitre Chef de Cuisine from 1894 -1901.
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, Briggs House
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Phoenix Hotel, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, December 21, 1884
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New Year Eve, Pythian Club Masquerade event, menu, December 31, 1884, at Thornburgh House
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 16, 1884
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Café Royal, lunch menu, June 14, 1900
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 30, 1884
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Arcade Hotel Sunday dinner menu, November 9, 1884
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Hotel Orleans, menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Northern The Northern Hotel is commonly known as "The Northern."
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Galt House dinner menu, Sunday, February 15, 1885
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Clifton House menu, July 4, 1884
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884
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Christmas dinner menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, Sheridan House Illustration engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A.
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Pacific House menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, National House
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New Waverly 5 o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, June 22, 1884
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Crawford House dinner menu, October 5, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, January 25, 1885
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Thanksgiving dinner, November 16, 1908, menu, Forest City House
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, Hotel Jefferson Illustration of church bell and birds. Poem at top of menu bidding goodbye to 1908 and welcoming 1909.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Windsor Hotel, 1908
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Christmas menu, 1884, Beebe House
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Gianni Russo's State St., menu, circa 1980s
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Dunes Hotel and Country Club, wine list Silver cord at menu spine;
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Menu for Belgian royal family, menu
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Sands Hotel and Casino, SunBrunch buffet menu Served on Saturdays and Sundays. A Hughes resort hotel.
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Sands Hotel and Casino, SunBrunch buffet menu Served on Sundays
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Belgian Royal Family residence, dinner for their Belgian Majesties, Monday, October 8, 1900 Gilt emblem at the top of the menu;
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Ah'So, dinner menu Serving Teppan'yaki style Japanese food, where an iron griddle is used to cook food.
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Officers of the Bank of England, event, Tuesday, June 23, 1896, at Restaurant Pera Shows a gilt Bank of England logo;
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Au revoir supper to our friend Mr. Richard G. Knowles, November 9, 1896, at Romano's... Includes wine list;
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Licensed Victuallers' Asylum, presentation dinner to Mr. Frederick Seymour, Monday, March 24, 1902, at Freemasons'...
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Grand opening of the Hotel Mitchell, invitation, Thursday, January 1, 1885
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Invitation to a banquet and ball, Thursday evening, May 22, 1884, for the opening of... Invitation includes the schedule of events, costs, instruction for event and carriage ticket procurement.
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Galt House, luncheon menu, Sunday, February 22, 1885
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Hotel Savoy, Grill Room, menu (undated)
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Occidental Hotel dinner menu, Tuesday, December 23, 1879 William B. Burford lithograph on front cover. Illustration of the Occidental Hotel on the back cover. "An extra charge made for fruit, nuts, etc. carried from the table. Apply to waiters for wine card."
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Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880 "Corkage 75 cents." At bottom of front cover, "Engraved and copyrighted by A. W. Robinson, Boston Mass, 1880."
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Grand opening dinner menu, Thursday, May 17, 1883 at Grand Pacific "American and European plan." is printed in the bottom left corner of front cover.

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