dmBridge 2.0 is now available!

After 9 months of development, dmBridge 2.0 is available for download! The changes in this release are 80% below-the-surface, molding the system into a more future-ready shape. It has already been installed at UNLV Libraries and is powering our new Historic Landscape of Nevada collection, in addition to all the rest.

The majority of the changes are below the surface; however, there are a few cool new above-the-surface features as well -- see the change log below. To avoid delays, I decided not to wait to add support for CONTENTdm® 6, which I have no way of testing with, as we haven't installed it yet. Version 6 support will therefore arrive in a future release, probably 2.1. (Maybe it already works -- feedback is welcome.)

The change log is as follows:


  • First-class modules are now supported.
  • The UNLVSpatial spatial tagging and searching module has been added and is bundled in.
  • The Highlighted Object and Random Object features have been broken out into modules which can be optionally disabled. Highlighted & random object data is now stored in the database instead of the config.xml file.
  • Commenting, rating, and tagging can be individually enabled and disabled.
  • Many aspects of the dmBridge system are now backed by a fairly (but not fully) comprehensive suite of unit and system tests.
  • The template engine, HTTP API, and Control Panel have been merged together into a single application.
  • CONTENTdm(R) 4.x is no longer supported.
  • Web server URL rewriting support is now required.
  • It is no longer possible to use dmBridge without a data store.
  • PostgreSQL support has been removed.
  • The (incomplete) mobile template sets feature has been removed for the time being.
  • Comments, ratings, and tags posted to compound object pages are ascribed to the page instead of the parent object.
  • The PHP XSL extension is now required.


  • It is now possible to query social data.
  • Collection representations may optionally include a description and overview image.


  • The API architecture has been extensively refactored, too much so to summarize here; please compare the API documentation from the two versions for specific differences.
  • The appearance and navigability of the API documentation has improved thanks to an upgrade of Doxygen.

Template engine

  • Added the "Clean White" template set as a more refined default.
  • Improved the behavior of "URL-type" digital objects ("See Also" links).
  • Added support for "quick icons" in the result view tables (see the Clean White template set for an example).
  • Added "Check All/Uncheck All" links to the advanced search forms.
  • Added a template helper for recently viewed objects.
  • Template helper methods have been converted to instance methods. They are basically all the same, but the way to call them has changed. See the user's manual for instructions on how to upgrade your templates.

Control Panel

  • Added a CQR converter to convert CONTENTdm® CQR code for use with dmBridge.
  • Previously approved comments can be searched for, edited, and deleted.