dmBridge 2.0 release candidate 1 is available... and other changes

The UNLV Libraries are pleased to announce that the first release candidate of dmBridge 2.0 is available. We will soon be installing this version in production and fixing remaining bugs as we find them.

There are a whole slew of changes in 2.0, the majority of which are below the surface - but there are some cool above-the-surface features, too. (See the CHANGELOG.txt file bundled in the download.) Expect a final 2.0 release in mid-summer.

In addition to the software changes, things are changing here on the website. User accounts have been disabled and we are now outsourcing our issue tracker (to Google Code) and forums (to Google Groups). This eliminates some maintenance responsibility on our end, and should provide a more comfortable experience on yours. Feel free to join up and post questions.