Users can post comments for any object, but comments that are posted to a compound object page will be ascribed to the compound object itself - not the compound object page - and will appear on all pages of the compound object. The reason for this is that some compound objects have many pages and ascribing a comment to just a single one might cause it to get "buried." This behavior is currently not configurable.

In order for comments to work, a data store must be available. Once this condition is met, a commenting section can be included within an object view template (object/single.html.php and object/compound.html.php) using the ObjectDraw::commentsSection() method. This method will handle all aspects of generating the comment form and list of comments. You are free to style them however you wish, however.

dmBridge will post status messages to the flash in response to certain types of user input to this form - for example, when validation has failed or when the comment has been successfully posted. Therefore, when including comments in the template, it is a good idea to also include a call to Draw::formattedFlash() in a conspicuous place in the template as well, in order to provide feedback to the user as to what has just happened in response to their input.