Control Panel

Installing the Control Panel takes two steps:

  1. Open dm/ctrl/config.php and set CDM_ROOT and DATA_ROOT appropriately.
  2. Open dm/ctrl/config.php and set URL_OF_LOGIN_EXE to the full URL of your login.exe file. Normally this will just mean changing "my_cdm_server" to your web server's hostname.

Finally, try to log in by navigating to http://my_cdm_server/dm/ctrl/ and entering your CONTENTdm® username and password. (This is the same username and password you use to log into the admin module located at /cgi-bin/admin/start.exe on your server.)

Once you are in, you need to complete some initial setup:

  1. In the Basic Setup section, set all URLs appropriately.
  2. In the Collections -> Template Set Mapping section, click Change.
  3. If you do not have the Sample Collection (the UW Buildings collection with alias of "/uw") installed:
    1. Go to Template Sets -> View All
    2. Click Edit next to the Basic template set
    3. Choose a new default collection for it.

Finally, navigate to http://my_cdm_server/dm/objects/. You should see your default collection appear in the basic template set. At this point, you are done with the essential installation steps, but there are some other things you'll want to look at before deploying dmBridge in a production environment, which the remainder of this section will discuss.

Securing the Control Panel

By default, anyone on the Internet can get to the Control Panel's login page. If you only plan on using the Control Panel internally, you may want to block it off from the public Internet by restricting access to the dm/ctrl folder from outside your LAN (or your desktop PC, or whatever). The procedure for doing this varies depending on your web server.


Host-based access control is available with Apache's mod_authz_host. Create an .htaccess file in your dm/ctrl folder something like the following:

<Files "*">
Order deny,allow
Deny from All
Allow from
Allow from 100.x.x.

You can put this in your httpd.conf as well, but remember to change Files "*" to the location of your Control Panel folder.


Please post a comment if you are familiar with this.