Control Panel

The Control Panel is a central administration point for dmBridge. For the most part, it is a web-based front-end to the dm/data/config/config.xml file. It also enables point-and-click moderation of social features.

From a usability standpoint, our goal is to make the Control Panel easy and intuitive, meaning that tasks can be accomplished without needing to consult a lot of wordy documentation such as you are now reading. Inline help is provided in certain areas that we have assumed might be potentially confusing or not fully self-explanatory. Where necessary - as suggested by you - we will add extra help here. As always, feedback is welcome.

The Control Panel is not regularly tested in Internet Explorer and was known to have issues in it, last time we checked. Please keep in mind that the developers' time is limited and that spending time working around bugs in IE cannot really rank as a priority considering all the other work to be done.