Reference URL redirection

Reference URLs are persistent locators for CONTENTdm® objects that look like this:,87

Notice how the page that loads has a different URL than the reference URL. Accessing a reference URL redirects you to the CONTENTdm® template corresponding with that object. dmBridge, however, is going to use a different template, with a different URL. You will, therefore, want to selectively redirect your reference URLs depending on which templating system the object appears in. The way to do this is by installing the provided replacement reference URL routing script.

The default reference URL routing script lives in /u/index.php (relative to your CONTENTdm® server's document root). The replacement script lives in the dm/api/u/ folder. Follow the directions below to hook it up:

  1. Make a backup of /u/index.php
  2. Copy dm/api/u/index.php to /u/index.php
  3. Open /u/index.php and edit DMAPI_ROOT, if necessary
  4. Set up your redirects in the "Reference URLs" section of the Control Panel