The upgrade process is similar to the installation process, with the exception of a few steps that do not need to be carried out again.


Before doing anything else:


  1. Make a backup of your entire dmBridge installation (located, by default, in the /dm folder relative to your web server's document root).
  2. Also make a backup of your supplementary dmBridge data (located, by default, in /dm/data, but hopefully no longer located there because you moved it someplace safer).
  3. Finally, if you are storing social data in an external database (such as MySQL), make a backup of the database.


Next, begin the upgrade process:


Move your old dmBridge folder (by default, "/dm") out of the way.

Unzip the dmbridge-x.x.x.zip distribution.


  1. Move the resulting dmbridge-x.x.x folder to the location of your previous "/dm" folder.
  2. Go through the Installation section, skipping any steps that only needed to be completed once.