Todo List

Namespace dmBridge

Extend dmSocialEntity

Does this class serve a useful purpose?

Extend dmSocialEntity

Global dmGenericPDFViewer::getHTMLTag ()
Include search terms for highlighting

Global dmObject::__construct (dmCollection $collection, $ptr)
Remove call to getDOMDocument()

Global dmQuery::getURL ($representation=null)
Add mobile support

Global dmRequest::getBuiltURI ($params, array $query=array(), $format=null, $mobile=false)
Test and finish mobile support

Global dmSession::getUser ()
Investigate why array_key_exists complains that $_SESSION is not an array

Global dmString::underscoreToCamelCase ($str, $capitalize_first_char=false)
Eliminate capitalize_first_char

Global Draw::favoritesPageURL ()
Use dmRequest::getBuiltURI()

Global Draw::loadTime ($round=4)
Eliminate $round

Global Draw::loginPageURL ()
Use dmRequest::getBuiltURI()

Global Draw::logoutURL ()
Use dmRequest::getBuiltURI()

Global Draw::searchPageURL ()
Use dmRequest::getBuiltURI()

Global ObjectDraw::commentsSection ()
This is icky

Global ObjectDraw::highlightedFullText ()
Should this get the full text of the current page or the compound object?

Global ObjectDraw::metadataAsDL ($ctrld_term_separator=null, $link_ctrld_terms_to_view=null, $add_link_to_feed=true, $omit_title=false, $object=null, $hyperlink_urls=true)
verify feed output

Global ResultsDraw::facetsAsUL ($term_cutoff=0)
It shouldn't be the responsibility of this method to decide whether there are any facets to draw

Global SearchDraw::dateSearch ()
Rewrite using DOMDocument

Global SearchDraw::fieldSearch ()
Rewrite using DOMDocument

Global SearchDraw::proximitySearch ()
Rewrite using DOMDocument

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