Web templates

In versions 4 and 5, the web templates, typically located at http://my_cdm_server/cdm4/, were where all of CONTENTdm®'s public dynamic HTML resided. These were not really "templates," per se, but were instead crude amalgamations of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that were difficult for developers to work with.

These templates handled all aspects of CONTENTdm®'s web display, and also processed input from URI query parameters for searching etc. The web templates relied on the CONTENTdm® PHP API.

CONTENTdm® 6 delivered a new web front-end. Rather than communicating with the CONTENTdm® server via the PHP API, it now communicates via HTTP. The CONTENTdm® 6 web front-end is built using the Zend Framework and addresses many of the complaints regarding the previous web templates.