Content representations

A representation is defined by the W3C as "data that encodes information about resource state." The dmBridge template engine is capable of returning different different resource representations at the same URI, for most URIs.

The template engine supports Atom for some URIs in addition to HTML. Note that although this is the case, actual templates are not involved for any representation except HTML. Other representations are not customizable.


dmBridge 1.x supported RSS 2.0 and a severely limited version of RDF/XML. These have been discontinued in version 2.

Name URI extension Media type Object view Object comments view Results view Object-results view Favorites view Search view
Atom 1.0 .atom application/atom+xml Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML (none) text/html Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

HTML is the default representation. To specify an alternate representation, append the URI extension to the end of the URI.

Feed metadata can be changed in the Feeds section of the Control Panel.